During a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center on 4/30/12, Brennan the now CIA head, discussed “the Ethics and Efficacy of the US President’s Counterterrorism strategy. Brennan explained that president Obama has pledged to share as much information with the American people “so that they can make informed judgments and hold au accountable”. Obama” has consistently encouraged those of us on his national security team to be as open and candid as possible”. After all “our democracy depends upon “transparency” (YOU CAN LAUGH HERE)
Nearly 2 yeas after the assault just 17 documents out of huge cache of info captured has been made public. The vast collection includes “hundreds of thousand of documents and files”. As a treasure trove the size of a small college library. One of the main reasons: John Brennan!
Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are atomized cells that operate without serious coordination, they’ve suggested and with the assassination of several top leaders that the war on terror is nearing an end according to Obama.
BUT over the year that followed something interesting has happened, key administration figures decided to downplay bin Laden role in managing the groups that fight in Al Qaeda’s name. Tom Donilon national security advisor said, “it was the largest cache of intelligence derived from the scene of any single terrorist.”
Bin Laden roll within the al Qaeda network “to us that in addition to being the symbolic leader of al-Q bin Laden was involved operationally in strategic direction, in the direction of operations, including their propaganda efforts”. Bin laden role active role was “something different that what intel officials have believed”. Bin Laden has been described as a fugitive micro-manager” who clearly played a role in al Q operational tactical and strategic planning.
He was able to retain authority over Al-Q affiliates in Yemen, North Africa and Iraq.
Was the fix in, nearly 1 year later the adm decided to spin Bin Ladens documents to portray the slain al-Q chieftain as a recluse with little sway over the terror network he had helped build. CNN described Laden as “isolated” and vet a micromanager and that Laden was insignificant.
The documents recovered in Laden compound “show a close working relationship between top Al-Q leaders and Mullah Omar, the overall commander of the Taliban including frequent discussions of joint operations against NATO force in AFG, the Afg government and targets in Pakistan. Laden and Zawahiri were involved in coordination attacks with the Taliban.
Documents that the CTC (combating terrorism center) were given, were not the documents which “undermine hopes of a negotiated peace in AFG where the key debates among analysts and policymakers is whether the Taliban—seen by many as following the Afghan nationalist agenda to renounce terrorism”
Clinton made it clear that eh Taliban must renounce Al-Q which it has repeatedly refuse d to do.
Another example of excluded document release to the public was offered by Reidel, a former adviser to Obama said the files show a close relationship between Laden and the leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Hafiz Saeed. The LeT is a Pakistan-based terrorist group with known ties to Pakistani military and intelligence establishments.
The files found in Abbottabad showed a close connection between Laden and Saeed. It is suggested that the recovered intel “suggested a much larger direct al Q role in the planning of the Mumbai attacks than many assumed”.

It was Brennan who announced during his speech last April the pending release of the 17 Laden documents. It was in that same speech that he reiterated Obama’s promise of more transparency. (YES TRANSPARENCY).
Brennan’s approach in fighting al Q is to use of pinprick drone strikes and special operations raids to take out select al Q member who are thought to threaten the American homeland. Al Q affiliates are growing in places like Syria.

To use Brennans own words, let the American people “make informed judgements” about the Obama adm counterterrorism strategy. Let then see bin Laden files.

Sources—weekly standard, tom joscelyn, guardian, Jason burke, Washington post, david Ignatius, Hindustan times, riedel, propublica, sebastin rotella


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