The disapproval ratings of Obama policies—guns 54%, taxes-75%, economy-60%, the middle east-55%, deficit-65%, the only area where he holds a bare majority support is on national defense issues—despite N. Korea and Iran and NOW Boston.
As the Low-information voter is concerned, Obama’s agenda doesn’t have anything to do with the country’s direction.
They didn’t agree with how he’s going to do it, but they like that he’s going to. They liked that he’s going to reduce the deficit; they like the fact that health care costs are going to come down (OH WHAT A SURPRISE IS COMING FOR THEM)
OBAMACARE REGUALTIONS AROUND THE Capitol—20,000 pages—and the low-information crowd makes no connection between that and their skyrocketing medical care?
Why is it that most Americans see no relationship whatsoever between obama agenda which they way they like and the direction of the country which they overwhelmingly dislike? What a giant disconnect it is to not associate Obama’s spending and debt with the lack of jobs. For five years obama has never once allowed himself to be seen a governing. He is constantly campaigning against “mysterious forces”. People who have ill intentions—trying to harm you. Obama’s trying to expose and stop them. But never mentions them by name or exactly what he’s doing about it.
Whatever happens it will not be possible to connect obama to the nations ills, because he’s campaigning against them himself. This is the reason for the perpetual never-ending campaign. It is why in 8 years, obama will never allow himself to be seen as actually presiding over any of this, he’s always going to be running against the very problems he’s creating.
Obama’s explicit strategy is not to govern. He never allows himself to be seen as governing. He’s seen as a crusader. He understands what’s causing all your problems and strife and he’s trying to expose and fix it. The focal point is to keep obama from being blamed for what he is doing to the country.
Take Benghazi, obama refused to get involved. He never wants to get involved when there’s the slightest chance he could be held responsible. Obama the great crusader, trying to get to the bottom of it and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. It’s why I think he’s always voted “present” his whole political career. NO PAPER TRAIL. They rile people up, step aside while chaos erupts which they pretend they had nothing to do with.
This explains why Obama had Pelosi write Obamacare. It’s why he never went out and actually sold it. Obama is seen as the Celebrity of the USA fighting all these evil, deeply embedded forces.
Hitler, Mao, Castro, Chavez were all leading “the revolution”. They were all fighting against whatever villains they were able to blame for making life miserable.



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