Those republicans are responsible for us having to shrinking the government, look at what they are going to make us do.
Eviscerate our military readiness, border patrol agents hours reduced, some will be furloughed, prosecutors will have to close cases, let criminals go, delays at airports, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off (HEH OBAMA THAT’S A LOCAL AND STATE ISSUE), Americans will lose access to primary care and preventative care, vaccinations, screenings. Janitors, security guards will take a pay cut, reduced pay for those at the Pentagon, teachers losing their jobs, flight delays, coast guard will reduce its presence, drugs interdiction and migrant interdiction will lessen. Over 170 million will lose their jobs, really Maxine Waters; we will have to take food out of the mouths of seniors. (ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR)
We are talking about $85 billion in cuts from discretionary spending which is still 7$ higher under Obama. 53% of the people support sequester or want deeper cuts.
There are 44 overlapping job-training programs, 18 for nutrition assistance, 82 on teacher quality, 56 dealing with financial literacy, more than 20 for homelessness. Total annual cost $100-200 billion, about two to five times the entire domestic sequester. Completely exempt from the sequester are Pell Grants, Medicaid, food stamps, social security, federal retirement payments, veteran programs and SSI, and even though federal workers make 30-40% more than private they are in panic mode because they might not get overtime.
In 1944 to 1948 the government cut spending by $72 billion—a 75% reduction which brought federal spending down from a peak of 44% of GDP in 1944 to only 8.9% in 1948, a drop of over 35%. So it has been done!
Then we have statements like these from Pelosi—“for every dollar received in food stamps, $1.79 is put back into the economy”. Then Labor secretary Seth Harris said “we know that for every dollar spent on unemployment insurance benefits nearly 2 dollars are generated in the local economy. So why not just give people more food stamp and unemployment and the economy is fixed?
How did we come out of WWII it was dramatically reducing government spending and deregulating an economy can take that economy from sickness to health.
History speaks for itself.



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