Sebelius controls a $54 million slush fund to hire thousands of “navigators,” “in-person assisters” and counselors who will propagandize and enroll Obamacare recipients in government-run health insurance exchanges.It’s also yet another Obama threat to Americans’ privacy. A reminder about Secretary Sebelius’ sordid snooping history is in order here. In August 2009, HHS and the White House Office of Health Reform called on their ground troops to report on fellow citizens who dared to criticize their federal health care takeover. Team Obama issued an all-points bulletin on the taxpayer-funded White House website soliciting informant emails. Remember?
“If you get an email or see something on the Web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov,” Drudge because he had featured a video compilation of Obama and other Democrats — in their own words — exposing the “public option” as a Trojan Horse for government-run health care and the elimination of private industry. White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program.” The flagging operation was shut down, but a plethora of federal disclosure exemptions protect the Obama administration from revealing what was collected, who was targeted and what was done with the database information, every tax-subsidized Obama “outreach” initiative warrants heightened scrutiny. Obamacare navigators will have access to highly personal data from potential “customers” to assess their “needs.” That means income levels, birthdates, addresses, and eligibility for government assistance, Social Security numbers and sensitive medical information. Who’s getting the navigator grants and training? “Community groups” in 33 states that naturally include socialized medicine-supporting unions and Saul Alinsky-steeped activist outfits. On Capitol Hill last week, a top Obamacare official told GOP lawmakers that navigators will not be required to undergo background checks. Criminal records are not automatically disqualifying — and that includes identity theft. The federal rule-makers will require online training of a measly 20 hours. Health care regulations watchdog Betsy McCaughey adds that navigators “don’t have to know math or insurance, but rules announced April 5 specify you have to match the race, ethnicity and language preferences of the neighborhood that will be targeted.” There will be severe consequences for violating citizens’ privacy or breaking any other laws. Sebelius herself violated the federal Hatch Act prohibition on exploiting her HHS leadership position for partisan activity last fall. She then tried to cover up her breach after the fact by classifying the event in which she electioneered for Obama as a “personal” appearance.
SEIU goon Dennis Rivera joined her on a White House conference call in which he lambasted tea party activists as the “radical fringe” of “right-wingers” whose protests amounted to “terrorist tactics.” Now, the SEIU is on the board of directors of Enroll America, the left-wing, Obamacare advocacy nonprofit for whom shakedown artist Sebelius has been soliciting funds.
While she was governor of Kansas, an independent inspector general reported that her appointed health policy board had “applied pressure to alter an audit report, restricted access to legal advice and threatened to fire her for meeting independently with legislators,” according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. Team Sebelius was also embroiled in a ruthless vendetta and obstruction campaign against then-GOP Attorney General Phil Kline, who unearthed damning evidence that the Sebelius administration had shredded key documents related to felony charges against Sebelius’ abortion racketeering friends at Planned Parenthood.
Sebelius notoriously threatened private companies and insurers who increased rates to cope with Obamacare coverage mandates. She bullied private companies to meet discriminatory and arbitrary disclosure demands. And she lashed out at newspapers that dared to report on the true costs of the Obamacare regulatory leviathan. She has unfettered authority and a bottomless budget to weaponize legions more foxes who will serve as Obamacare’s eyes and ears on the ground. The snitch brigade lives.
“She’s been terribly defensive, terribly slow to react.” “There have been many conversations among progressives about this. We want a personality that acts to confront any glitches immediately — more of a nose-to-the-grindstone manager. Many Democrats, however, came to Sebelius’s defense. Others blamed the White House. “If the president can’t sell [the law] to the country, so be it,” said a Democratic lawmaker. “She has done a workman-like job. She has moved it forward.” Over the next several months, Sebelius and her team must finalize controversial regulations, educate the public and deal with a restive Congress watching her every move. Regulators are pleading for more implementation funds. Unions are in an uproar. And polls show the public remains largely ignorant of the law’s benefits.
Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who helped write ObamaCare, recently told Sebelius he worries its implementation will be a “train wreck.”
When news broke that she solicited money for Enroll America, a non-profit that will educate consumers about healthcare reform, from powerful healthcare interests. Republicans have reminded reporters that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act in 2012. That law prohibits political activity while serving as a federal employee.
Forbes Magazine lists her as the 25th most powerful woman in the world.
The Affordable Care Act is seen as especially complex because of its far-reaching changes to U.S. healthcare. The law re-regulates health insurance, creates a new venue for purchasing it and offers expanded Medicaid benefits for states that accept them. It is expected to affect 100 million people — double the number affected by the Medicare drug benefit that went into effect in 2006. As of May 10, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 17 states will run their own exchange, seven will partner with the federal government and 27 will default to a federally run exchanges. Another 29 support the Medicaid expansion, while two are weighing their options. The rest will not accept the expansion. “No matter what, there are going to be some people who are unhappy. But there are also going to be a hell of a lot of happy people receiving benefits. People like free benefits.”
House Republicans have widened their probe of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius by asking the country’s largest health insurers for information on her fundraising for a nonprofit group promoting ObamaCare.
Leaders on the Energy and Commerce Committee said Friday they have written to 15 insurance companies and other groups asking whether Sebelius had contacted them to solicit funds for ObamaCare’s implementation.
Companies should hand over any internal communications that document conversations with Sebelius or discussions about her request, including emails, lawmakers wrote. The Sebelius probe began when news broke that she was petitioning major healthcare players to contribute to Enroll America, a group tasked with educating the public about its new health coverage options under healthcare reform. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) suggested a conflict of interest when he wrote that “HHS regulation of the health insurance industry will only grow under [healthcare reform], including by approving health insurers to participate in the exchanges.”
Upton is also part of a push for government investigators to probe the legality of Sebelius’s actions.
He and other Republicans wrote to Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Coventry Health Care, H&R Block, HCSC Group, Highmark, Humana, Independence Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, WellPoint, America’s Health Insurance Plans, BlueCross BlueShield Association, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Twelve of the groups must respond by Monday, the lawmakers wrote, adding that the other three groups must respond by June 11.
Sources—elsise viebeck, the hill, human events, michelle malkan, drudge, forbes, kaiser




The White House last week released nearly 100 pages of emails detailing some of the discussions within the Obama administration that resulted in major revisions to talking points about the Benghazi attacks drafted by the CIA.
There has been 2 big questions need answering, how were the talking points whittled sown to virtually nothing form the CIA’s original draft? And how did You Tube video gain such prominence? They also leave in ruins administration claims that White House and State officials were mere bystanders in the process. The new documents disapprove claims by Obama spokesman Carney, Clinton and others that the WH and State had virtually noting to do with rewriting the talking points. Carney maintained that officials from State and the WH were responsible for a “single adjustment” to the language. Clinton insisted that the intelligence community was the “principle decider” of what would be said. But the emails make clear that top WH and State officials played key roles in reshaping the CIA’s initial draft.
The State Dept., had major reservations with much or most of the documents. “We revised the document with their concerns in mind.”
The CIA’s office of Terrorism analysis, where the talking points originated, signed off on the changes but warned that members of the House Permanent Select Community on Intelligence (HPSCI) wouldn’t be pleased.
The emails make clear the deliberations about changing the talking points—phone calls, teleconferences and discussions—were not recorder. But a picture nonetheless emerges of officials keenly interested to avoid blame, protect their bureaucracies, and settle on a message that all could live with.
Obama on national security reassures the group that all concerns would get a hearing. “We need to resolve this in a way that respects all of the relevant equities, particularly the investigation,”
Ben Rhodes worried about wrong information, argued “we need to have the capability to correct the record., as there are significant policy and messaging ramifications that would flow from the hardened misimpression.”
But in the days preceding the emails member of both parties had begun to challenge administration claims that the attacks were the result of a mob gone wild. Carl Levin told reporters that the government had the “Evidence” the attacks were “preplanned”. Mike Rogers said this was coordinated attack more of a commando-style event. Rhodes ends his email by advising recipients that eh issues would be addressed during a Deputies Committee meeting the following day. Jake Sullivan chief of staff of policy planning at the State emails Victoria Nuland to inform her of conversations he’s had with Tommy Victor spokesman for the National Security Council. “I spoke with Tommy. “We can make edits”. Another round of substantive edits took place during or after the Deputies committee meeting the following morning. Such exchanges between a top official at State and his counterpart at the WH belie claims from Carney and others that substantive revisions to the talking point s came only form the intelligence community. An email from Petraeus to Chip Walter after Petraeus got the final draft of the talking points that had been through the interagency scrubbing. “
no mention of the Cairo cable either?” ”Frankly, I’d just as soon not use this, then Petraeus’s use of the work “either” suggests he disliked not just the omission of Cairo but the removal of something else as well. The Cairo reference is important for another reason. It is the first step on a long circuitous journey to understanding why the CIA initially reported that the Benghazi attacks had been “spontaneously”
there was an intercepted communication between two al-Qaeda linked terrorist one of whom participated in the attack. A jihadist in Libya believed to be a member of Ansar al Saharia (AAS) reported to a more senior operative about his participation in the attack. The agency’s attempts at CYA had given Obama officials an opening and they quickly took it. On these thin strands the Obama administration built its explanation for the attacks.
The ties to al-Qaeda language, which would prove true, was stricken. That connection to Cairo however tenuous initially suited the purposes of both the CIA and the Obama adm. The CIA had warned about the possibility of protests in Cairo.
“We didn’t specifically warn about attacks on 9/11 in Benghazi, but we warned about possible attacks at an embassy in the region.” The Cairo cable did not survive the interagency editing process.
Mohammed al Zawahiri, the brother of al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri helped plan the protest. An attack that evolved from what the president would call “natural protest’ by a mob over a video was a much better fit with the presidents claim “al-Qaeda is on a path to defeat” than assaults planned by al-Qaeda diplomatic facilities on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.
The video goes virtually unmentioned in the nearly 100 pages of emails between the nations top intelligences and Obama adm officials as they reshaped the talking points provided by the CIA.
A top US official discussed what to include in the talking points that would shape their case to the country on the attacks the video was ABSENT.

Sources—weekly standard, steve hayes



The president recently lavished praise on Planned Parenthood, a lobbyist for which has testified to Florida legislators in March that an infant born alive in the course of an abortion might be left to die anyhow. What Gosnell was doing was inches away from a legal procedure—the killing of viable babies in utero-which we’re told is not just a constitutional right but “medical care” essential to women. The evasions that surround the extremes of the abortion rights movement tend to corrupt all that comes near them. Leading not only a doctor to well earned conviction for murder but otherwise responsible governors to believe that endangering women by suspending clinic inspections is the best way to help them.
The press had come to serve as a de facto arm of the abortion rights movement. Editorials’ 9 in 10 journalist supported abortion, the American newspaper guild endorsed “freedom of choice”. Gosnell trial remained a non-story for weeks in the mainstream media. “Why is the press ignoring the Gosnell story, Jeffrey Goldberg asked and then answered: because this story upsets a particular narrative about the reality of certain types of abortion and the reality isn’t something some pro-choice absolutists want to discuss”. I say we didn’t write more because the only abortion story most news outlets ever cover in the news pages is every single threat or perceived threat to abortion rights.
Henneberger of the Washington post “I think for many journalists to see anything outside that paradigm as news”.
NYT, Ross Douthat, illustrated the failure to provide cheap and easy abortions and not the inherent horror of the procedure itself why they are not covered more.
The extremist said the problem occurred because there was too much regulation already and that life hadn’t been cheapened enough. Kate Michelman and Carol Tracy said Gosnell’s crimes resulted form Medicaid’s refusal to cover abortions the scarcity of providers in PA; fear of violent protesters and a right wing culture that has stigmatized abortions, making what should be a completely safe and common medical procedure much to o expensive and rare.
Clearly the ideal to the pro choice left is a whole lot of clean, cozy clinics scattered over the countryside with not restrictions whatever, terminations on order until the very last moment all of them paid for by government and funded by taxpayers. Most Americans detest late term abortions don’t want to pay for the ones they will tolerate and see
Gosnell as a Frankenstein’s monster enabled by the abortion rights movement itself.
Gosnell could have gotten the idea that his youngest victims weren’t human, Henneberger said, citing planned parenthood and even Obama who opposed protection of infants born alive during abortions as a state senator in Illinois. Gosnell was allowed to go on all those years because Pa pro-choice governors (Tom Ridge) thought inspections might ”restrict access” to clinics, the worst of all feminist sins.
In 2009 a representative of the national abortion federation came to his office and was appalled by it, but filed no formal complaint. Sensitive doctors are mot drawn to it. No killer of infants is likely to care much for women. Gosnell’s indifference to his client’s well-being is one with the coolness with which he snipped babies spines. Gosnell trail has changed things, the press has been outed as hopelessly biased; the left has been outed as borderline crazy. Gosnell hedged with restrictions and guilt to break free from the fringes all trimester no restrictions and no guilt at all. This makes planned parenthood an outlier on the great moral spectrum with values most people abhor.
Pro-choice extremists will need a new mantra; their women’s health gambit was exposed as a fraud. “women’s health” has been sacrificed, to the more important matter of uncontrolled access to late-term abortions and always to fetal demise. “ We have to question why an evaluator form the national abortion federation, whose stated mission is to ensure safe,. Legal and acceptable abortion care and to promote health and justice for women, did not report him to authorities. (M O N E Y IS WHY)

Source—weekly standard, noemie emery, Bloomberg, atlantic, friedersdorf post,washington post, nyt



Surveying the IRS’s abuses, Axelrod has taken a break from years of justifying ever-bigger government to complain that “the government is so vast” that the president can’t be expected effectively to supervise it. (THE FIRST ONE IN AMERICAN HISTORY NOT UP TO THE JOB—WHAT BS).
When the state department and the CIA tangled bureaucratically over talking points about Benghazi, neither the white house nor the president himself could do anything but stand helplessly by. The justice department subpoenaed vast swaths of phone records from the API but it’s unreasonable to expect any explanation form the attorney general. He decided you see to rescue himself—but not in writing, no need to stand on formalities. He’s working for a president who seems to have informally recused himself form running the executive branch.
The true indictment of the Obama administration isn’t found in what they’re embarrassed about. It’s found in what they boast about. Health care legislation is more dangerous to our freedoms than the abuses of the IRS. The defense cuts and the foreign policy doctrines—such as “leading form behind”—which president Obama embraces, are more dangerous to our national security that the certainly deplorable cover up of Benghazi. The views openly advocated by his justice department with respect to religious freedom, racial preferences and constitutional interpretation are more dangerous to our constitutional system that the management failure at the department.
Obamas scandals are damaging to the country. Congress should do its duty in getting to the bottom of them and if the scandal weakens obamas ability to push through bad legislation it’s a gift. But obama liberal policies are more dangerous than managerial scandals.
So the key task is to demonstrate how Obamas policies are failing to explain why they’re destructive to the country and to elucidate why conservative policies have worked in the past and how they can be updated to shape a better future.
The real scandal thought is the Obama administration whose purpose and policies exemplify a liberalism that degrades popular self-government and embraces American decline.

Source—weekly standard, bill kristol



With three different scandals the white house, Benghazi, phone records of dozens of API reporters, the revelation of an anti-tea party inquisition by the IRS—CNBC’s John Harwood offered his journalistic peers some advice—“those of us in political-media world should just shut up about ‘narratives’ and focus on what’s true”. COBS anchor Scott Pelley joined in “we are getting big stories wrong, over and over again”.
The biggest test for the media will be how they respond to the IRS abuses, which they will be tempted to approve for ideological reasons. Some 471 conservative groups seeking 501© (4) tax-exempt status were harassed by the IRS over a period of years, and our self-styled watchdog media played no role in bringing this injustice to light.
The IRS was so brazen that last year “80” or ”90” groups all got letters that are virtually identical, that are oppressive, with 30.40.50,70 questions with parts and subparts and sub-subparts. The ways and means subcommittee on IRS oversight held a hearing and they asked about all this. Did the press do anything about it? NO.
Frightening stores of IRS intrusiveness are trickling out. A tea party group in Ohio reports that the IRS wanted to know what materials we had discussed ant any of our book studies. One group in TN was asked to turn over the names of all the high school and college kids it had trained. A pro-life group was asked to submit a letter in writing saying it would not protest Planned Parenthood.
Last year the NYT well aware of the complaints from Tea Party groups, cheered on the government: “the IRS must not flinch form its duty to enforce the tax code and root out political operatives who are abusing the law and conning taxpayers and voters”.
Even after the IRS apology, many media figures were eager to defend the government purity of motive.

Source—weekly standard, NYT



When the presidents lose credibility, when trust vanishes and their word is no longer accepted, they have only themselves to blame. In confronting the Benghazi and IRS scandals Obama has relied on lies, spin, and obfuscation. The main objective is to mislead the press and public. A lesser aim is to sidetrack the controversies and reduce them to a debate over tangential issues.
LIES: even when he’s been publicly corrected Obama repeats mistruths. “The day after it happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism”. Obma said. Only he hadn’t. Obama actually said in the Rose Garden “ no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.” It was a generic mention of terror, not directed at the Benghazi attack. Steve Kroft interviewed Obama immediately after his Rose Garden statement—“well it’s too early to know exactly how this cam about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans”. Obama also insisted at his press conference that no one knew “what was taking place during the course of these first few days” after the attack. Greg Hicks, said that he knew form day one it was an al Qaeda backed terrorist attack. On the IRS scandal the presidents initial reaction was to shift potential blame away fro himself by characterizing the IRS as an “independent agency. It’s not and never has been.
SPIN: the president again in the press conference said he “sent up the head of our National counterterrorism center, Matt Olsen up to capital hill and he specifically said it was an act of terrorism and that extremists elements inside of Libya had been involved in it”. Olsen did testify as Obama recounted, but not because he was “sent up” by the president, Olsen had been long scheduled to appear at the 9/19 hearing on cyber-security. 9/20 aboard Air Force one Carney said it is “self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack”.
OBFUSCATION: this is used to turn a scandal into a squabble by focusing it on peripheral issues. The White House tried this by leaking a single email to a reporter in order to raise questions about the accuracy of another reporters quotation form a different e- mail. Media may concentrate coverage on who weakened the talking points, the CIA or the State Department? Pursuit of that question would keep the press away from Obama to the delight of the ‘White House.

Sources—fred barnes, weekly standard, NYT

THE NEWS ON 5/25/13-


Unions are protesting the increases in their insurance due to Obamacare, 26 million will have to change companies. They want single payer!
There are no government projects that have been built to the budgeted amount, all have been overruns. (Roads, bridges etc).
House gave green light to the keystone pipeline, even though we still don’t have a energy policy.
Fast food workers want to unionize and want double their current wages.
Didn’t know or do anything wrong, but I’m still going to take the 5th—Lerner—sound fishy to you??
White house nominate involved in Benghazi cover up and still gets a promotion.
Government didn’t get court orders to get phone information on reporters. Pressured private co into doing it.
Immigration bill in senate committee—they will have to pay back taxes—HA
1986 was the last time we have a tax reform.
Currently there is no accountability of the IRS
Axelrod now saying flat tax needs to be looked at—simon/bowds simplifies the tax codes.
There is currently $12 billion on hand in FEMA funds—NO, NJ, still not fixed
IRS are union workers and in 2008 gave $110,000 to the dems
Not only are they looking at Rosen calls but also of his parents
A demo on TV right after the OK tornados blaming the republicans for ignoring global warming—NJ, OK, AL, TX and others—called them deniers—his name is Sheldon White and is now sorry for his statements.
Biden to the coast guard grads—drilling hurts our national security?
According to the IRS they stopped spying in 5/12/12 but they are still targeting conservative groups today. Not just in OH but in CA and DC
5/6/13 however they are still asking for information—some actually from Lerner herself.
Most replies that are needed from the IRS take anywhere from 4-25 months up to over a year in some cases, then they say forget it and send a new set of questions for people to answer. And Lerner knew of these investigations as early as 6/20/11
White house claims they didn’t know anything about this whole mess—a lawsuit is being filed against the IRS and Treasury as the supervisors did know of the investigations.
5/15/13 holder never heard of any of this going on. He forgot he, himself signed the papers on Rosen. Perjury anybody
5/3/11 holder denies any part in fast and furious and didn’t know about it—but records show he knew about it 10 months earlier.
3/22/12 there is no IRS targeting and it took until 5/13/13 for Obama to find out