In the 2014 budget he announced last week, a proposal a more accurate way of calculating the inflation rate for annual cost of living increase in Social Security.
The president price for adopting this gentle reform was hundreds of billions in new tax increases. His use of the budget as a ploy against republicans is an example of this. He’s used the budget largely as a political tool that cheapened the presidency.
His Budget wasn’t on time, as required by law. It was 2 months late. He erased one of Washington’s oldest adages: the president proposes, congress disposes.
His tardiness touches on another aspect of presidential decline, the loss of influence. Obama has scarcely any clout al all. One reason: he acts as if spending time with member of congress even dems is an unpleasant chore.
Immigration and gun control are the dominant issues in congress at the moment and obama is a major player on neither of them
The immigration bill which was being finalized last week would require near-total border security to be certified before immigrants here illegally are granted legal status and the right to seek citizenship. Obama version has never been release public. It would give illegals an-immediate path to citizenship. The gang of 8 rejected that idea.
His speeches on health care failed to stop Obamacare from losing popularity. His speeches on gun control failed similarly.
The decline of the presidency isn’t Obama’s fault alone. The media once treated Washington as a White House-centric town. Maybe they are waking up?

Sources—weekly standard, fred barnes


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