Bush and Obama presidencies are quite different, as are the two men. Obama has adopted Bush’s policies of wiretaps, military detention of terrorist without trail, drone strikes, immigration, middle class tax cuts and global war on AIDS. Winners take responsibility, losers make excuses. Obama isn’t a loser, but he is a fountain of excuses.
Obama blames Bush for much that’s gone wrong during Obama’s WH years, Bush has refused to criticize Obama on any matter!
Obama claims to single-handedly to have prevented another Great Depression, in truth the bank bailout during the final weeks of Bush’s presidency foreclosed the possibility of a depression. All Obama had to deal with was a deep recession, which bottomed out five months after he took office and before his policies could have much effect.
Bush and Obama are both polarizing figures. Obama constantly slamming republicans and impugning their motives. Obama personally polarizes. Bush didn’t attack Democratics from the white house—called class.
On immigration Obama has been more partisan than Bush. In 2007 he voted for several amendments sought by dem’s interest groups—amendments that would shatter the bipartisan coalition behind immigration reform. Bush ordered a last-ditch troop buildup in Iraq in 2007 and a new war strategy, he held on until they worked, Obama ordered a smaller surge in AFG in 2009 but then started withdrawing troops having achieved minimal success. Obama leads from behind” in foreign affairs. Leading from behind is that it leaves the US with less clout. Bush preferred to lead form the front, this gave him considerable influence with foreign leaders. They both misjudged Russian president Putin as a potential friend. Obama is wildly popular around world. But not with the leaders. Bush was the opposite, scorned by the masses but embraced by the leaders.
Obama has no close allies like Bush did. Bush reached bipartisan deals on education, and banks. Obama has done nothing comparable. Both presidents endorsed reforming of entitlements to keep the deficit form soaring. Bush spent most of 2005 drumming up support for social security reform. Obama so far has merely talked about reforming entitlements
Bush’s theory about presidential museums: they won’t succeed if they’re entirely about the president. “if you make it about an individual it won’t be long lasting. It’s aim is not to produce academic studies or policy reports but to achieve tangible results in six areas: economic growth, spreading democracy, women’s rights, veterans global health and education reform. Then it’s appropriate for him to “butt” out so they can get their work done”

Source—weekly standard, fred barnes.


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