The flat tax was brought up again, this time to replace the IRS current system, with no deductions, and everybody pays the same rates.
Government made a profit of $51 billion from student loans. But when a private sector business made too much all hell breaks loose?? Students are paying higher rates causing tuition to increase.
Obama now its good for businesses to make a profit, just a couple of years ago he called them greedy and selfish if that’s all they worried about—PROFITS. He wanted them to make less but seem to forget that less profits meant fewer taxes collected. Is it his business to they the American businessman what he can do? —- where’s his plan for the government to control cost/profits.
Also forgot that his spending plans didn’t work and now he want to tell businessmen how to run their companies.
Do the attorney General, Department of Defense, and the President know what’s going on in their departments and nobody seems to know about all of these recent scandals or who behind them—IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL LEADERSHIP
Sebilus of HHS hitting up private companies for money to help promote the Obamacare health bill, as they do not have the funds to tell the people about it. No mention of the Waivers granted already. Is she shaking down these businesses? What if they don’t pay in, will she target them. If they pay will they get special treatment on contracts.
Milwaukee fast food workers are protesting because they want their wages to be doubled!
Lois Lerner of the IRS, director of exempt organizations since 2010 has received over $37,000 in bonuses and her previous boss, Ingram received since 2007 $96,000 in bonuses and has been promoted to Obamacares oversight team. EPA allowing green energy companies to get by at less cost than those who are not pro-green.
Steve Miller was fired at the IRS even thought he was quitting anyway.
IRS enforcement of the health care laws is the largest expansion in its history. It has targeted tea party organizations, Christians, Israel supporters and pro-growth and pro conservative organizations just to mention a few.
The IPAB will also be under the IRS due to spending.
Pre-existing condition people who were told they would have Health care insurance are in trouble as the funds are NOT there to cover this new expense.
Isn’t is sad with the President of the USA has to admit he doesn’t know what going on inside his own government, who is giving orders etc


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