Freed argues that not disclosing political spending creates unnecessary “risk” for a corporation. Consider the “corporate transparency “ strategy outlined in a leaked 2012 memo from the SOROS funded media matters to its allies on the organized left. Media matters said its goal was to “make the case that political spending is not within the fiduciary interest of publicity traded corporations and therefore should be limited. When a business backs a conservative candidate, the memo said, media matters will “portray it as a complete endorsement of everything that a politician has said or done. That’s what happened to Target, move on. Org another SOROS backed entity organized gay rights protests at target stores across the country and as the WSJ reported delivered to the retailer a petition promising a boycott.
In 2008 Target spent $575,000 a company record in disclosed political donations, according to that number dropped to $490,000 in 2010 and just over $400,000 in 2012 with the larger share going to PAC’s and thus not directly supporting individual candidates. Chalk up a victory for Freed.


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