The president recently lavished praise on Planned Parenthood, a lobbyist for which has testified to Florida legislators in March that an infant born alive in the course of an abortion might be left to die anyhow. What Gosnell was doing was inches away from a legal procedure—the killing of viable babies in utero-which we’re told is not just a constitutional right but “medical care” essential to women. The evasions that surround the extremes of the abortion rights movement tend to corrupt all that comes near them. Leading not only a doctor to well earned conviction for murder but otherwise responsible governors to believe that endangering women by suspending clinic inspections is the best way to help them.
The press had come to serve as a de facto arm of the abortion rights movement. Editorials’ 9 in 10 journalist supported abortion, the American newspaper guild endorsed “freedom of choice”. Gosnell trial remained a non-story for weeks in the mainstream media. “Why is the press ignoring the Gosnell story, Jeffrey Goldberg asked and then answered: because this story upsets a particular narrative about the reality of certain types of abortion and the reality isn’t something some pro-choice absolutists want to discuss”. I say we didn’t write more because the only abortion story most news outlets ever cover in the news pages is every single threat or perceived threat to abortion rights.
Henneberger of the Washington post “I think for many journalists to see anything outside that paradigm as news”.
NYT, Ross Douthat, illustrated the failure to provide cheap and easy abortions and not the inherent horror of the procedure itself why they are not covered more.
The extremist said the problem occurred because there was too much regulation already and that life hadn’t been cheapened enough. Kate Michelman and Carol Tracy said Gosnell’s crimes resulted form Medicaid’s refusal to cover abortions the scarcity of providers in PA; fear of violent protesters and a right wing culture that has stigmatized abortions, making what should be a completely safe and common medical procedure much to o expensive and rare.
Clearly the ideal to the pro choice left is a whole lot of clean, cozy clinics scattered over the countryside with not restrictions whatever, terminations on order until the very last moment all of them paid for by government and funded by taxpayers. Most Americans detest late term abortions don’t want to pay for the ones they will tolerate and see
Gosnell as a Frankenstein’s monster enabled by the abortion rights movement itself.
Gosnell could have gotten the idea that his youngest victims weren’t human, Henneberger said, citing planned parenthood and even Obama who opposed protection of infants born alive during abortions as a state senator in Illinois. Gosnell was allowed to go on all those years because Pa pro-choice governors (Tom Ridge) thought inspections might ”restrict access” to clinics, the worst of all feminist sins.
In 2009 a representative of the national abortion federation came to his office and was appalled by it, but filed no formal complaint. Sensitive doctors are mot drawn to it. No killer of infants is likely to care much for women. Gosnell’s indifference to his client’s well-being is one with the coolness with which he snipped babies spines. Gosnell trail has changed things, the press has been outed as hopelessly biased; the left has been outed as borderline crazy. Gosnell hedged with restrictions and guilt to break free from the fringes all trimester no restrictions and no guilt at all. This makes planned parenthood an outlier on the great moral spectrum with values most people abhor.
Pro-choice extremists will need a new mantra; their women’s health gambit was exposed as a fraud. “women’s health” has been sacrificed, to the more important matter of uncontrolled access to late-term abortions and always to fetal demise. “ We have to question why an evaluator form the national abortion federation, whose stated mission is to ensure safe,. Legal and acceptable abortion care and to promote health and justice for women, did not report him to authorities. (M O N E Y IS WHY)

Source—weekly standard, noemie emery, Bloomberg, atlantic, friedersdorf post,washington post, nyt


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