Surveying the IRS’s abuses, Axelrod has taken a break from years of justifying ever-bigger government to complain that “the government is so vast” that the president can’t be expected effectively to supervise it. (THE FIRST ONE IN AMERICAN HISTORY NOT UP TO THE JOB—WHAT BS).
When the state department and the CIA tangled bureaucratically over talking points about Benghazi, neither the white house nor the president himself could do anything but stand helplessly by. The justice department subpoenaed vast swaths of phone records from the API but it’s unreasonable to expect any explanation form the attorney general. He decided you see to rescue himself—but not in writing, no need to stand on formalities. He’s working for a president who seems to have informally recused himself form running the executive branch.
The true indictment of the Obama administration isn’t found in what they’re embarrassed about. It’s found in what they boast about. Health care legislation is more dangerous to our freedoms than the abuses of the IRS. The defense cuts and the foreign policy doctrines—such as “leading form behind”—which president Obama embraces, are more dangerous to our national security that the certainly deplorable cover up of Benghazi. The views openly advocated by his justice department with respect to religious freedom, racial preferences and constitutional interpretation are more dangerous to our constitutional system that the management failure at the department.
Obamas scandals are damaging to the country. Congress should do its duty in getting to the bottom of them and if the scandal weakens obamas ability to push through bad legislation it’s a gift. But obama liberal policies are more dangerous than managerial scandals.
So the key task is to demonstrate how Obamas policies are failing to explain why they’re destructive to the country and to elucidate why conservative policies have worked in the past and how they can be updated to shape a better future.
The real scandal thought is the Obama administration whose purpose and policies exemplify a liberalism that degrades popular self-government and embraces American decline.

Source—weekly standard, bill kristol


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