“We’re portrayed by republican as either being lying or idiots. It’s actually close to us being idiots”—anonymous obama official

“Foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection”—STEVE MILLER–IRS

“I’m not sure how many of those cases—I have actually signed off on”—HOLDER

“Uh, I’m not sure. I think it was just towards the beginning of the matter. I don’t know exactly when”—holder

“This is both an on going matter and an ongoing mater about which I know nothing”—HOLDER“

“No what I’m saying is that I can’t say as a matter of fact. But I have to assume and I say I would probably be 95%. 99% certain, that the Deputy AG acting in my stead was the one who authorized the subpoena”—HOLDER

“There’s no there there”, –OBAMA on Benghazi

“This isn’t always a pleasant experience. I don’t feel like I’ve always been treated with respect…I’m the Attorney General”—HOLDER

“it is inappropriate and too consistent with the way in which you condurct yourself as a member of congress. It is unacceptable and its shameful”—HOLDER TI ISSA

“ I really believe in the first amendment —REID defending the DOJ on the AP story

“On the issue of what is a department of Justice investigation, as I understand it, the president is a strong defender of the first amendment—CARNEY

“These people are obsessed. They simply want this to be a figment of his pigmentation—EMANUEL CLEAVER

“These people politically want to cut his heart out and throw his liver to the dogs”—DAN RATHER ON OBAMA SCANDALS

“I think is story is as. A high hard one aimed at FRC, to try to keep her out—AXELROD ON BENGHAZI

“You Know we have a larger government. Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is vast”—AXLEROD ON THE SCANDALS

“How does he get through this thing? He’s up to his elbows in a lligators—CHRIS MATTHEWS ON THE SCANDALS

“He’s a ship with eh engine off..there no thrust to his presidency now..No the engines dead—CHRIS MATTHEW

“President Obama needs to stop taking advice from sycophants”—CHRIS MATTHEWS

“Don’t let yourself look like a thug, which is what they’ve been doing”—RON FOURNIER

“They have a small window—I’d sya tow to five days—to try and turn this around and hold on to a plausible veneer of not being a group of shadowy thugs”—ANONYMOUS DEMO STRATEGIST—API

“I’m going down there next weekend, Lindsey and I assure you I will rip your skin off for you and I expect a thank you note”—JOE BIDEN OFFERERING TO CAMPAIGN FOR OR AGAINST GRAHAM

“I had a friend who got married to the wrong person just so she could have heath insurance. So we’ll also have a lot less bad marriages a result of this obamacare”—JANICE HAHN D CA

“When they[re 12 to 14 a dad puts his beautiful little daughter to bed. And then the next morning there’s a snake the bed”—BIDEN ON WOMEN COMING OF AGE?

“Food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situation such a s sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk”—BARBARA LEE D CA ON GLOBAL WARMING


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