6/11/13 35G

Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in America. It ranks dead last in firearms prosecutions, according to the NRA. Its murder rate is a violent 11.6 per 100,000 people. Forbes—Chicago saw homicides jump to 513 in 2012 a 15% hike in a single year.
Every policy that they promise will stop gun violence has been proven to create more of it.
Daniel Greenfield of the David Hororwitz Freedom center puts it this way—“gun violence I s not a republican problem, it’s a democratic problem.” He reports that 67% of gun murders occurred in America’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. “62 cities in those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of 9.7, more than twice the national average. Those are the places with the most restrictive gun-control laws and the highest crime rates.
Take a look at the cities Obama won—New Orleans was the murder rate is 10 times higher than the national average. Detroit has a rate of 53 per 100,000, the second highest in the country and twice as high as any country in the world, including the Congo and South Africa.
After Gabby Giffords shooting, the theater shooting, and the Newtown we got weeks of wall-to-wall haranguing from Dems. But on Mothers Day there was a terrible parade shooting in New Orleans where 19 people including tow 10 year olds were gunned down. The media barely noticed.
Some other examples are: us average is (per 100,000) is 3.6. Oakland is 26.6, Newark is 25.5, Baltimore at 29.7, Chicago is at 11.6, and Detroit is the highest at 53.
These are metro areas with strictest gun laws.

You’ve heard gun control keeps gun out of the hands of criminals—but the highest rates are in cities with the toughest laws. DC, NY, Chicago, Detroit. look back to 1976 when guns were banned in DC, incidents of violent crime soared. Massachusetts in 1998 the number of legal guns took a nosedive—from 1.5 million licenses to 200,000 and in four years the result was the crime rate jumped. Chicago has no gun shops, no gun ranges, has a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and strict handgun restriction—yet has more guns on the street and violence crime than NY.
We need more gun laws: laws don’t equal enforcement, according to US NEWS in 2012 the district that contain Chicago, LA, and NY raked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement.
States with strict gun control laws are safer: crime rates have soared in stae with tought agun control laws all of which are nor surprise.
2011 when there were 122 firearm murders in Mass. An increase from 65 in 1998. That meant that in Mass the rate of firearm murders has soared by 87% while violent while crime has declined nationally. During the same period aggravated assaults climbed 26.7% and robbery with firearms rose 20.7%.
In Canada and Great Britain around half of all burglaries are “hot burglaries” meaning the homeowner is at home during the crime. In the US the rate is only 13%, as felons are more worried about armed homeowners than police.
The more gun owners, the higher the gun murder rate: Guatemala has a gun ownership rate of 13.1% per 100 people and a 2009 murder rate of 38 per 100,000. The US gun ownership rate is 101.5 per 100 people with a 2011 gun homicide rate of 3.6% per 100,000.
France is 9th for homicide rate and 97th for gun ownership. While New Zealand is 83rd for homicide and 16th for ownership.
Gun violence is soaring in the USA: pew said America’s firearm homicide rate in 2010 was down 49% form its peak in 1993. a new DOJ report between 1993 and 2011 nonfatal gun crimes plummeted 69% and the murder rate in schools dropped by almost a third. Anti gun media coverage has convinced 56% of Americans that fun crime is far higher than it was tow decades ago. John Lott points out a link between a rise in gun ownership in the US and a subsequent decrease in violence. This decrease is seen everywhere except in the areas with strict gun control laws. Allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns reduces violent crimes.
When asked to comment on the fact that crime in VA plummeted as gun sales soared, gun control activist Andrew Goddard told the times “I’m not surprised that it would appear that more guns is going along with less crime, because there’s been a downward trend in violent crime anyway”.
2011—look at these: CA=1220, TX=699, PA=470, MI=450, NY=445, LA=402, IL=377, GA=370, OH=344, NC=335.

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