One of the many interesting subplots of the Benghazi saga involves the State Dept. accountability review board. Clinton asked them to review state Dept. decisions before during and after the spontaneous demonstrations—oops terrorist attack. The board managed to conduct a review in which it chose not to interview several key figures in the Benghazi decision-making process.
You’d think a review board might want to talk to Clinton and Mark Thompson the senior counterterrorism official at state. Thompson even volunteered to meet with the board, which decided not to take him up on his offer. The board produced a report somewhere between radically incomplete and positively misleading. It failed to hold any high-ranking political appointees accountable for anything while assigning culpability to four midlevel career civil servants. The board’s performance was so egregious that its now being investigated by the state dept.
The white house doesn’t have an inspector general so there will be no investigation of the white house led interagency Atrocities prevention board announced last year with much hoopla by Obama. It was Obama’s “Presidential Study Directive 10” of 8/4/11.
Preventing mass atrocities and genocide is a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the US. Our security is affected when masses of civilians are slaughtered. Results of lack of enforcement: open border, reputation suffers; ability to bring about change is constrained, perceived as idle in the face of mass atrocities and genocide. History has taught us that our pursuit of a world where states do not systematically slaughter civilians will to come to fruition without concerned and coordinated effort.
To prevent atrocities in, say Syria has been to set up the Atrocities Prevention Board, which to have had no effect in getting the US government or anyone else to act to prevent atrocities in Syria or elsewhere.
Obama’s review board fails to hold any Obama appointee accountable, and Obama’s Atrocities Prevention board fails to prevent atrocities. The president ducks responsibility for what’s happening in the world.
It’s now up to congress to move ahead with the many tools at its disposal to insist on the truth about the failure and the subsequent cover-up.
Inaction abroad and deception at home. The Obama administration should be the subject of a study directive to ensure we never sink so low again.

Source—weekly standard, bill kristol


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