Jerusalem first struck on 5/3, targeting a shipment of Iranian missiles at the Damascus Int’l Airport that were destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Two days later they zeroed in on a dozen sites around the Syrian capital housing Iranian arms and guarded by Iranians troops.
Obama first says something is unacceptable and then accepts it. For the last month administration officials have kept critics and the media off balance with lawyerly verbiage. Iran has backup plans to ensure its position in even if its key Arab ally, Syrian president AL-Assad is driven from power. It’s not clear that the white house even wants Assad gone. John Kerry announced last week plans to convene a peace conference with the Russians.
A report last week from Abu Dhabi-based newspaper the National recounts a meeting between US intelligence officers and Syrian rebel leaders. When the rebels explained that they’d prefer not to fight other outfits fighting Assad, the American officer responded: “we’d prefer you fight al Nusra now and then fight Assad’s army. You should kill these Nusra people. We’ll do it if you don’t”.
With the administration waffling on Obama’s promise red-line over Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Israeli officials increasingly wonder about the reliability of Obama’s promise to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
The prospect of Iran’s proxies growing strong enough to win an engagement with Israel is a very real danger as well. However Obama’s continued waffling over Syria increase concern that he’s bluffing.
Hezbollah’s greatest achievement of late was a suicide bombing last July at a bus station in Bulgaria that killed 5 Israel’s tourists. With operation Pillar of Defense, Israel degraded Hamas’s supply of Iranian missiles in Gaza.

Source—weekly standard, lee smith, Washington post,


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