The Obama administration is heralding a conference later this month in Geneva where representatives of Bashar al Assad regime will ostensibly sit down with the Syrian rebel forces opposing them. The last thing they want is a intra-Syrain peace process with the ruling clique that slaughtered peaceful demonstrators for a year before the opposition finally picked up arms in its own defense what the rebels what is weapons and the grounding of Assad’s air force with a no-fly zone.
Lebanese militia has fully entered the Syrian civil war on the side of Assad. Holding Quasayr is critical to preserving a land link form that is to Hezbollah-controlled regions of Lebanon.
Reports suggest that Hezbollah may be on the verge of retaking the town form the rebels, but it’s come at considerable cost and thanks in no small part to the Syrian regimes air and artillery support.
April was the 30th anniversary of Hezbollah bombing the US embassy in Beirut and October will mark the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the Marine barracks in which a Hezbollah suicide bomber killed 241 Americans.
For four decades US officials refused to stand up to Hezbollah and chose to look the other way when the terrorist group targeted Americans.
It was because American officials did not want to challenge Hezbollah that they welcomed the analysis of Middle East experts who told them Hezbollah was nothing to worry about anyway. But Hezbollah never stopped its terrorist attacks.
In fact the administration should welcome Hezbollah’s deployment of forces as an opportunity to break it’s back. Hezbollah is unlikely to continue to absorb as many causalities as it did in Qusayr last week.

Source—weekly standard, lee smith


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