The NSA has been holding secret closed meetings (on the recordings)—wonder what they are talking about?
Shouldn’t the taxpayer know what they are discussing and what info they have? Are they listening to conservations or just getting phone numbers—ANY BETS.
Trumka in now in favor of the immigration bill, how these people will grow the economy, he failed to mention growing his union ranks. Just a few weeks ago he was against the bill.
Los Angeles now is trying out a new incentive plan for their high schools, for perfect attendance you can earn a car, I pads, just for showing up for classes—didn’t mention any grade requirements. And also there is no mention that if they do not show up they get welfare taking away—doesn’t that seem only fair to the taxpayer?

Magdi Ahmad Hussein of Egypt is an Islamic labor leader who stated he was very fond of battles with the enemies of china—-like Israel and America. We have given them $1.3 billion this year and over $10 billion total. Are we trying to buy our friends who hate us?

The IRS all of the sudden is canceling orders for new spy equipment. Obamacare will have a 18% tax increase. Who should be tracking the health care records, right now its going to be the IRS has a role in 47 provisions in the bill. It already weighs 24# and hasn’t been read completely yet. The IRS will determine if you have adequate coverage on health care. 55% of Americans still oppose Obamacare. 76% say the IRS should not be the ones to enforce health care.
A fox polls shows 82% of Americans feels the economy is still bad.
Verizon is running a special cable to the government direct. They had received over 10,000 face book request in 2012 . Pentagon IS buying military components from china for night vision glasses and rocket propellant. DON’T YOU THINK THAT’S A GREAT IDEA???

Source fox news


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