(1H) 6/22/13

In his speech 5/23 at the National defense U. Obama reassured Americans that they are “safer” because of the administration’s efforts to fight terrorism. Even months after Benghazi and Boston, Libya he states “now make no mistakes our nations is still threatened by terrorist”. From Boston to Benghazi we have been tragically reminded of that truths” (BUT YOU SAID WE WERE SAFER?). “We have to recognize that the threat has shifted and evolved from the one that came to our shores on 9/11”. “This is the moment to ask ourselves hard questions—about the nature of today’s threats and how we should confront them”. Ripping two lines our of context from Bin Laden “we could lost the reserves to enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air strikes with explosives”, the full message does not actually support the presidents point. Laden speaks as if he represents the entire Muslim community, the Ummah, which he did not, the Ummab he should put forward some, but enough, forces to fight America. The Ummah must keep some of its forces on reserves. The Ummah will use the reserve in the future but during the appropriate time.
In the rest of the 27 pages document undermines the president’s case. “We still have a powerful force which we can organize and prepare for deployment” bin Laden wrote. This cuts against the president claim that al Qaeda is mostly a spent force. Laden emphasized that al Qaeda needs to “concentrate its jihad efforts in areas where the conditions are ideal for us to fight. Iraq and Afghanistan are tow good examples. The president cited just one of the 17 bin Laden documents declassified and released to the American public.
The president seeks to define the threat form al Q and it affiliates in such a way that there is no longer any need for American to deploy large numbers of troops abroad. The president then offered four examples intended to illustrate his point. In all four cases—in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Mali—others lead the fight on the ground. It is clear he wants limited US involvement. His solution is we must define the nature and scope of this struggle or else it will define us”. We must have a strategy based “not on fear, but on hard earned wisdom”. It all begins with understanding the current threat that we face.
Al Q and if affiliates do not think the war has ended, they are fighting in more countries than ever.
AL QAEDA IS ALIVE: they maintain safe havens in Kunar and Nuristan Provinces and operates elsewhere. The Taliban remains closely allied with Al Q and associated groups. International security assistance force shows that the level of violence remains higher that before the obama orders surge of American forces in 2010. The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan or Pakistan Taliban remains a threat after orchestrating the failed may 2010 bombing in Times Square. The TTP has a “symbiotic relationship with al Q. Iran and al Q maintains a “core pipeline for transiting fighters, money and weapons to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.
According to the UN April 2013 was the deadliest month in Iraq in nearly 5 years that is since before Obama was even elected. (Good job). AQI increased its operational capacity form 75 attacks per week across Iraq by the end of the year. AQI’s ranks have swelled. The group has established new training camps new sage havens and a whole new arm in Syria—the Al Nusrah Front. They are pulling in recruits form throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
In Arabia, al-Q has aggressively expanded the scope of its operation since early 209 when the Saudi and Yemen branches of the terrorist network merged to form ALQ in the Arabian Pennisual (AQAP). The group has attempted other attack against the US homeland since then. By 2011 AQAP has seized much of southern Yemen only to relinquish territory as US-backed Yemeni government force expelled al Q operatives form their strongholds. Somalia, Shabaab continues to wage an insurgency against African forces and has executed attacks inside neighboring Kenya and Uganda, Shabaab formally merged with al Q in 2/2012. In Mali Islamic Maghreb made such stunning advances that France was forced to intervene. Elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East al-Q lined groups continue to operate and expand.
The president often argues that the “tide of war is receding”. If al Q affiliates, or allied groups are not directly plotting mass casualty attacks on American soil toady, then they are not a major threat to the US and it interests. What is remarkable about this logic is that the threats to the US homeland have multiplied since Obama assumed office. AQAP, the Pakistani Taliban and the al-Q leaders inside Iran have all had a hand in targeting the US since 2009. Vigilances and Lady luck have cooperated to spare the American lives.
The counterterrorism and intelligences community that al Q “core” is a distinct enterprise from the terror networks affiliates. Overall leader now is Ayman Al Zawahiri. From Obama’s perspective, geographic proximity seems to be the characteristic that matters most when defining the core. The raid in Abbotabad and drone strikes elsewhere the threat form al Q has dissipated. Obama concedes, “We’ve seen they are “lethal, but he is reassured because they are “less capable” than the crew that attack a decade ago. For Obama the future of terrorism consists primarily of threats to diplomatic facilities and businesses abroad, as well as homegrown extremists. He sees the possibility of another -/11 style attack as remote.
Core al Q in the Arabian Peninsula, in Iraq, the Islamic Maghreb, shabaab in Somalia have sworn an oath of loyalty (bayah). It means that these groups are committed to following Zawahiri’s orders and pursuing al Q strategic vision, which goes far beyond attacking America. Evidence that al Q senior leadership communicates with and sets the agenda for the affiliates. Al Q senior leaders also rely upon loyal followers who will advance the organizations cause even absent day-to-day guidance. Consider just some of the terrorist who runs al Q operations outside the Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yemen the Arabian Peninsula is led by Nasir al Wuhayshi.
According to obama adm. The terrorist who leads al Q network inside Iran toady is a Kuwaitit named Mushsin al Fadhli.
A defense department report “al Q in Libya: a profile, published by the Library of congress in August 2012 identified at least two senior operatives who were dispatched to Libya ot oversee al Q efforts there. One is know as Abu Anas al Libi. The second terrorist identified in the report is Abdl al Baset Azzouz who was sent to Libya by Zawahiri. Jehad Mostafa who is believed to by Zawahiris’s emissary to Shabaab, al Q affiliates in Somalia. .
Bin Ladens recommended that a terrorist named Mohanned Islamboli leave northern Pakistan for Kunar, Afghanistans. Mohammeds brother Khaled Islanbouli was the assassin who killed Egyptian president Sadat. Islanbouli is the equivalent of royalty in jihadist circles and is today a free man inside Egypt.
Some of the men who can be counted onto advance al q agenda outside Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The war in Afghanistan will come to and end, even al Q holds onto territory and its allies vie for supremacy in th country. In no theater of was except homeland security does Obama think that America should lead the way. They president simply chooses not to see that each of the conflicts is parts of cohesive international challenge to the USA and its allies. Bin Laden document cited by Obama during his speech at the National defense Univ. also contains the following passage:
“Praise be to God the jihad war is ongoing and on several fronts. The Muhahidin work and may God give them the strength to endure on the jihad path will continue to target the guardian of universal apostates, America, until it becomes a weak. Once America is weak, we can build our Muslim state”


If I were to tell you that since 5/4/13 thru 6/3/13 that there has been over 247 terrorist attacks in the world and over 1175 people killed would you believe me—probably not but just take a minute and look at these and then check it out for yourself.
These were shootings, bombings, stabbings etc. The countries that these happened in are Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Niger, Iraq, Libya, Thailand, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Kenya, Egypt, Paris, Dagestan, Somalia, Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia, UK, Iran, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Mali.

Iraq, Iran and Pakistan lead the way in both murders and attacks


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