It is hard for the Obama adm to identify, which is the most politically damaging for the president that trouble constitutionalists the most. The IRS targeting of conservatives groups, it’s high time to revisit the issue of how the people can maintain control over those who are supposed to do their business.
The constitution merely empowers congress to create executive departments and charges the president to make sure the laws are faithfully executed. Through the Jeffersonian era, bureaucrats were thought to be public spirited, independently established farmers or merchants who could put aside their own interest for a while to serve the public good.
By the 1820’s fraud was creeping into the executive departments. Jackson believed that government by gentleman had degenerated into rampant corruption, tilting public policy away form the interest of all the people towards the elites. He instituted “rotation in office” as a tool to clean out the bureaucracy and make it more reflective of the general public and thus more responsible to the public good.
But rotation in office soon became the corrupt “spoils system” facilitating the graft and mismanagement that characterized the federal government.
We would hire only qualified people, free them almost entirely form politics and insist they employ this new “science” of administration.
Today there is one member of congress for approximately every 5150 civilian members of the executive branch. Career bureaucrats there—presumed to be above politics—unduly went after Tea Party groups, effectively denying them their constitutional right to equal protection for years. All the while congress did nothing. Look at Lerner and you have your answer.

Source—weekly standard, jay cost


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