these will make your head spin


34 OF 50 states opting out of HC
Obama gave $7 billion to Africa during his trip.
We’ve given over $8 billion to Egypt over the last 5 years
If gas prices were this high under Bush he would have been called a friend of big oil
Student loans—more defaults in I believe Oregon than those that graduated from the states 265 schools. New proposal is student pay 3% of annual salary for 24 years to pay off their loans.
41 lawsuits currently against Obamacare,
202 investigations going on about Obamacare
The IRS investigated 96 tea parties
Why is the white house pushing back the date for employers—now put off until 2014 after the elections—smell anything there?? Dem’s say it’s because its not ready to go?
Many young are going to opt out of the insurance and pay the fine—cheaper
All of this directing us towards single payer—were have I heard that one before
French President mad at US for spying on them
$630,000 being spent by our State Dept. on Facebook so people will “LIKE” us—this was under Hillary. Lets see that would have kept the white house open for 37 weeks.

As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this”—ABORTIONS—–PELOSI
It turns out we’re pretty common-sense FOLKS We Dems believe in the free market and a light touch when it comes to regulations—OBAMA
If you are a US person, the NSA cannot listen to your telephone call—OBAMA
Of people can’t rust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here—-OBAMA
Well you have to start someplace—CLAPPER on telephone numbers
No sir. CLAPPER—on NSA on why do you need everybody’s phone numbers?
I responded in what I thought was the least untruthful manner—CLAPPER –when asked by senator Wyden on the meaning of “collect”
I’m a little concerned that things have gotten a little out of whack—HOLDER

From the UK daily—a 10 year old, tasked with cleaning up the streets, as she could be arrested for “criminal damage”—her crime—drawing hopscotch on the pavement.
Psychological Science—ovulation led single women to become more liberal, less religious and more likely to vote for Obama. When single ladies ovulate they vote Obama. (Univ of Texas)
Webster Grove, MO the new addition at the high school will soon be getting a solar panel system, which will help convert energy from the sun’s rays into electricity. Pricey at $110,650.00, district CFO Moore promised energy savings of $115,650.00 over 25 years.
We’re broke but Obama found hundreds of thousands of dollars for trannies in India. Yes $355,825.00 in federal funds went ot Baldwin College in Berea OH to develop a “culturally relevant stigma-reducing intervention” program for transgenders in Mumbai.
According to CBNS news in 2010-11 more than 1000 IRS employees misused government charge cards and wrote 325 bad checks. Says the inspector general. Some of the items purchased—(via altered receipts) pampers, romance novels, Omaha steaks, body wash, jeans, ginsu knifes, and MAC plus size trench coats
The government is looking for a better way to track smokers. Self-reporting the current method of monitoring cigarette usage is not reliable enough. National Institutes of Health has given a total of $402,721.00 in grants since 2010 to develop a new detection method. A prototype of a “wearable sensor system comprised of a breathing sensor integrated into conventional underwear. Yes they’re working on drawers that know when you smoke. PACT will keep track of the time the wearer lights up, they number of cigarettes consumed and how deeply the wearer inhales.
The feds are spending $121 million in fund to renovate the Celebreeze Federal building in Cleveland. The plan is to incase the whole 32 story building in a new layer of glass. The Washington free beacon said the glass would pay for itself by the year 2183—this did not however affect the 5500 federal workers furloughs.

Sources fox news and Limbaugh


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