Bankrolled by the oil and gas wealth of Qatar, now hiring 800 staff members and opening 12 news bureau across the USA, Al Jazeera will soon be coming to a TV near you.
A new channel dubbed Al-Jazxeera America devoted to in depth coverage of the US. When it goes live America Tonight, will be broadcast from a studio in Washington DC Newseum. A self -described mission of “educating the public about the value of a free press in a free society.” Al Jazeera is effectively an arm of the government of Qatar, a Middle East monarchy long on oil money and short on freedom. Human Rights report of 2012 has Qatar with interdependent broadcast media and all print media are owned by “members of the ruling family or proprietors who enjoyed closed ties to government officials”. Journalists censor themselves due to political and economic pressures. The government forbids political parties, censors the Internet and strictly regulates the right of assembly. The people are prohibited by law from criticizing the emir.
Qatar currently hosts both US military forces and terrorist Khaled Meshal, one of the top leaders of HAMAS, you know the group whose charter is the obliteration of Israel.
This new American network will be independent, though so far the hallmarks of the venture have been opaque multimillion-dollar deals out of Al Jazeer’s Doha headquarters.
Al Jazeera in January paid former VP AL GORE and his business partners an estimated $400 million. (SMELL ANYTHING)
Ehab Al Shihabi recently told the WSJ that profits are not a primary concern. What they need is credibility. Operating as a tax-exempt public charity, built at a cost of $475 million and opened in 2008, the Newseum is located on prime Washington real estate just blocks form the White House and Capitol.
Giants of the American news industry contributed millions to help create this place. They are Hearst, the NYT, Bloomberg, News Corp, ABC.
When asked about the financial details of the Al J arrangements, officials of this institution dedicated to reporting would not answer such questions form a reporter. Newseum media relation’s manager Jonathan Thompson did confirm that while a number of other news organizations rent temporary studio space at the Newseum.
Newseum included in its memorial to fallen journalist the following hero’s—Al Aqsa tv, Mahmound al-Kumi and Hussam Salama, Al Aqsa TV has been blacklisted by the US treasury since 2010 as financed and controlled by Hamas. Al Aqsa airs programs and music videos designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.
A quote from newseum spokesman Thompson, “free speech includes the right to not answer questions”

Source-=–weekly standard, Claudia rosett


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