Muslim Brotherhoods are killing Egyptians.
America certainly has popularity problems – despite spending billions of dollars – among the nations in the Middle East and north Africa, but it took Wednesday’s uprising in Egypt, in which a Muslim Brotherhood-linked president apparently was taken down, to reveal the full extent of dislike of America’s president, Barack Obama. Egypt is not Muslim brotherhoods and if you don’t believe that go and see what’s happening in Tahrir Square.”
The U.S. and Egypt long had been on friendly terms under former President Hosni Mubarak. However, as part of the Arab Spring movement that claimed it was in pursuit of freedom but actually installed radical Muslim elements in power in several nations, he was ousted at Obama’s encouragement. Muhammad Morsi, with all his links to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, was installed as the new president a year ago. But now the U.S. has taken a hands-off attitude, and Morsi apparently was challenged by his own military.
There is strong Egyptian perception that Obama has been interfering with the plans and hopes of Egyptian people. A report in the New York Times said as night fell over Egypt and the military appeared to take control that things were in disarray. While Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi made an announcement that the constitution was suspended, elections would be scheduled and the constitutional court would take charge during the transition.
Egyptian people to remain peaceful and prepare for a government that would be “diverse and include all the people.”

Source—doug ross rom blumer, newsbusters


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