Harry Reid said that taking away the senate minority’s right to filibuster would be outrageous and even criminal. “That contempt for the rule of law and the law of rules,” Reid said, “ will set a new precedent—an illegal precedent—that will always remain on the pages of senate history.” This statement was made May 22, 2005.
The filibuster is the process by which the smaller party in the senate can prevent the closing of debate and thus a vote on any senate measure where it controls 40 votes. It is dubbed the “nuclear option”.
Now after 6 years into a demo senate majority, crushing the filibuster doesn’t look as “illegal” as it once did.
It just so happened that Reid and McCain have cut a deal whereby president Obama gets all his nominees and Republicans get to keep the filibuster for the time being—wonder if they kissed too?
The senate has often stood as an impediment to turning the fad of the week into the Law of the Land.
Republicans have been too ready to accept demo principles, particularly when it come to the CFPB.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) introduced, as part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill has always been a bad match with the crisis it was meant to manage. The crash of 2008 was the fault of badly overleveraged banks and households.
But these were not problems of the core of the system, in the way that…that’s say, for example, the bonuses of President Obama’s Wall Street backers were.
The CFPB is an “independent government agency.” They are accountable to voters. The CFPB is antidemocratic by design. Those who devised it wanted to deck it our with special powers so that is could resist coming under the influence of financial lobbyists as other democratic institutions so lamentably had.
It is funded by a source other than congress—namely the Federal Reserve. It’s chairman, once nominated, cannot be removed for policy reasons. Congress risks turning the fed into the nucleus of a fourth, undemocratic and unaccountable branch of the government.
So I guess just change the rules as you go to “fit” the situation!

Source—weekly standard, chris caldwell

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