The essence of the modern democratic party, they are willing to insult the intelligence of 49% of the people if they think they can fool 51% of the people.

In a country of almost 300 million people, liberals get 7 men to issue an opinion from the Supreme Court and they want the rest of us to shut up about abortion forevermore. But before going to war to eliminate a potential nuclear threat, we need to convince every last American that war is necessary.

After Alger Hiss, China and the Rosenbergs, there was considerably more reason for Joe McCarthy to investigate the State Department than there ever was for Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate Lewis Libby.

Hey! Wasn’t women in the military a great idea until we had a war.

I notice that the only time liberals a=care about child molestation is if a Catholic priest is involved.

Today’s brain twister—would you rather be O.J.’s girlfriend or Michael Schiavo’s fiancée.

Nobody around throughout WW ll was saying, “Most Germans are peaceful. Most Germans are peaceful.

If you can’t deal with the facts and you refuse to say what the argument is, I think that shows a little lack of confidence in your position.

There was more dissent on a slave plantation than there is in the moderns Republican Party.

Every conservative public figure would need a full-time investigative and legal staff to refute the endless stream of defamatory attacks.

If liberals could trust the voters, they wouldn’t need the court to invent ludicrous “constitutional rights” for them in the first place.

When Bush was implementing his second round of tax cuts in 2003—these tax cuts applied to nearly 100 million people. In other words there were no tax cuts for people who don’t pay taxes.

Taxes are like abortions and not just because both grotesque procedures supported by democrat’s

So democrats are fine with illegal wiretaps, but only if such invasive devices are narrowly limited to use on republicans..
If liberals were half as indignant about Bin Laden as they are abut President Bush, their objections might rate more with real Americans.

You’re not a patriot in this war until a liberal has compared you to the Taliban.

There are dark rumors that terrorists are being stripped, humiliated, strapped down and subjected to total sleep deprivation with lights and noise. Then it turned out the hapless victims of such brutal tactics weren’t terrorists, but airline passengers since 9-11.

When questioning people who live in caves, government officials have to go pretty far just to deprive them of the comforts of home.

Came-Riding nomads may excel at the sucker punch, but wait until they see Western civilization’s response.

If Bush’s war on terrorism were to go as well as the Democrats war on poverty, in a few decades we could have four times as many angry Muslims worldwide plotting terrorist violence against Americans.



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