Remember fuel from Algae, we’re making new investments in the development of fuel that’s actually made form a plant like substance algae. In Feb 2012, “we could replace up to 17% of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in the USA. Greater energy security, lower cost, jobs, stronger economy. The DOE has funneled $85 million in taxpayer funds to more than 30 energy company projects, according to Business Week to transform slime into biofuels. After wasting $100 million and four years on green goo, Exxon Mobil has decided to put aside its algae project, reports Exxon says it’s pulling the plug on its plans to invest $600 million in sum to fuel technology, because it could take generations to develop. Just add slime to the dung heap of Obama green failures.

How about an ambulance that has a engine control that shuts off due to an EPA mandated device that supposedly “burns off diesel toxins” disapproved of an emissions reading, so it forced the ambulance into shutdown mode. 7 minutes later the patient was transferred to another ambulance but was DOA.

GITMO—art classes, computer classes, a library with thousands of books, dvd’s, video games a $37 million recreation facility with exercise machines, ping pong tables, basketball and volleyball courts and a $750,000 soccer field. All for the 166 terrorist detainees—including 9/11 mastermind Muhammad. They also offer rewarding classes such a “writing success and interviewing and resume writing.

The National Institutes of Health is forking over half a million dollars for a study that will send text messages to gay drug addicts. CNS News said a $509,840 federal grant has been to the Friends Research Institute to send “gay-specific text messages to persuade gay meth users to practice safe sex. Entitled “Theory Based Text Messaging to Reduce Methamphetamine Use and HIV Risks among MSM. The study will require sending five gay lingo text messages a day to participants at the exact time they are most likely to make high risk sexual decisions.

Something is clearly wrong with Britain’s weather, fretted the UK, it was cold. Indeed the UK suffered from the coldest spring since 1962. Participants at the summit discussed “emerging research which suggest there is a link between declining arctic sea ice and European climate. A month late the papers were giving tips on how to stay cool in the exceptional heat and humidity. You have to hand it to the global warming crowd. When it’s hot its due to global warming and when its cold it due to declining arctic sea ice due to global warming.

Source—cns news, uk daily, rush, tv wusa9, business week


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