“When I ran the first time (1986), the approval rating of congress was at 45%. Now it’s at 10%. In all the time Gallup has been doing it’s polling, no institution has ever been recorded at lower than that—Harry REID. 7/21/13—the WSJ.

The WSJ “a collapse of public confidence in government across all fronts. “Only 17% say they have confidence in the federal government, according to the latest WSJ/NBC news polls, down form 36% in 1990. Gallup reports confidence in the Presidency has plummeted form 58% a decade ago to just 36% today. Rasmussen, only 24% trust government to do the right thing most or all of the time. Two-thirds say the federal government is broken and they have little confidence in Washington ability to solve the problems. Only 7% of Americans say the federal government is generally working.
Washington itself gets this totally wrong. They are convinced the nation’s lack of trust and lack of faith is due to obstruction and partisanship—by conservatives—which prevents things from getting done.
CNN’s John King fingered senate republicans for not helping the president get thing done. But the Washington Post’s Jonathan Bernstein blamed house republicans for not helping Democrats get things done. It’s not overall, a dysfunctional congress: it’s a dysfunctional house.
People don’t trust Washington precisely because Washington is getting thing done, harmful things. Governing directly against the will of the people. Its that there’s not enough obstruction to prevent the stupid stuff ruling elites are all agreeing to do—despite Americans repeatedly telling them no to do it. Tom Coburn, “meet the press” “Washington is dysfunctional, but it’s dysfunctional in a dysfunctional way. We agree on spending money we don’t have. We agree on not over-sighting the programs that should be over-sighted. We agree on continuing to spend money on programs that don’t work or are ineffective. We agree on too much!
NYT, 7/21, “embarking on a campaign style tour of the Midwest, Obama is off on yet another campaign—along with the Obamacare campaign, the immigration campaign, the race campaign, the deflect the scandal campaign, the economy reinvigorating campaign, he is delivering a series of class warfare speeches.
Remember a thing called the Simpson-Mazzoli, the 1986 amnesty law, required congress to secure the border. It didn’t. Virtually everything we’re promised and assured now about securing the border was promised and assured in 1986 and it didn’t happen.
A 2006 law requires congress to build 700 miles of fence. They built 36 miles and they stopped. The gang of 8, another joke.

Sources above plus rush


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