The national network of state health care exchanges will actually be hug democratic political operation, funded by your tax dollars, the money flow to favored lib groups is already in full force. Even though data is available for just a few states.
The obama adm. granted $910 million to CA., to set up its insurance exchange.
Rich compensation packages for exchange employees ($360,000 for director) and contracts for computer equipment, public relations, and outreach. Outreach is the largest expenditure and where the real monkey business occurs.
Ca., $37 million in grants to 48 organizations to build public awareness about the opening, but only a handful are health care related.
These organizations will turn out the uninsured to enroll on the exchanges and the Dems—CA will get $190.4 million to be spent on contracts for outreach through Dec. 2014.
SEIU received two grants totaling $2 million to make phone calls, robo-calls and go door to door.
SEIU local 1000 with al least 400 new offices jobs for the new state agency that will implement.
The CA. NAACP received $600,000 to do door-to-door canvassing and presentations at community organizations.
$1 million to LA Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender focused training materials.
$990,000 grant to LA United School District for teens trained to be messengers to family members to promote obamacare.
$694,000 grant to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Inc for health fairs, youth events and community events.
$500,000 grant to Bienestar Human Services for Latino and Lesbian Gay bisexual and transgender community events and fairs.
$435,000 grant to the Actors Fund for Union meetings.
Sources—investor business daily, seiu website, covered California outreach and education grant programs,

Connecticut selling obamcare involves airplanes flying banners across beaches, the state is interested in sponsoring portable toilets at concerts.
Access Health CT officials will hand out sunscreen customized with a “get covered slogan”
We’ve talked about whether we could do some branding on porta-potties.
By 2015 $1 billion will have been spent by both sides on advertising about the law—state officials who are building their own exchanges are relying on multi-million federal grants to fund their ads.
Oregon will run a @2.9 million-campaign leading up to the October launch.
Kentucky spokesman for health reform ( Jill Midkiff) will target festivals.
The nations librarians will be recruited to help people get signed up. Up to 17,000 US libraries will be part of the effort to get information and crucial computer time to the millions of uninsured.
Download tool kits and customize fliers to hang up at local businesses and restaurants and barber shops and beauty salons.
Sebelius called on leaders in the African American religious community especially to take up the obamacare mantle.
The adm. has made it clear that the health law will succeed only if Latinos enroll. Hispanic media groups Univision, Telemundo and ImpreMedia are publishing the exchanges in a campaign on TV, radio and mobile platforms and the web.
Sources—npr, Washington post, Washington times, politico,

The 16 states plus DC that ae opening their own exchanges are receiving enormous HHS grants, in addition to CA $909,606,370, NY gets $340,568,564, KY gets $252,698,351, Oregon $242,094,0375, and HI $204,342,270.
Grants for qualifying organizations for the purpose of educating and facilitating individual enrollment into exchanges like Planned Parenthood.
States running their own exchanges and getting fed cash are deep blue. The state based Maryland exchange plans to spend to spend $24 million to educate its 750,000 uninsured and in CO. exchange at least $10.5 million to provide customer assistance to fewer than 1 million uninsured. Ca. anticipates that it will need 25,000 assisters in 2014 for a total cost of an estimated $57.9 million. HHS grants to fund assisters is an attempt to circumvent obamacare prohibition on such grants being used for navigators.
Ca. has so far awarded a $183 million contract to Accenture to build the website, enrollment and eligibility system. Add another $174 million to operate the exchange for 4 years. The state will also spend $250 million on a 2-year marketing campaign.
As many as 17 states are going to be setting up their own exchanges and the feds have so far released $3.4 billion to the states to build them. Vermont has rec’d $124 million so, KY $253 million and OR $242 million.
So where’s all the money going? A big chuck is going to the infrastructure and information technology component but a lot of it is just going to marketing and enrollment.
Avik Roy of Forbes—“deliberately encouraging tens of billions of dollars of waste, fraud, and abuse in order to achieve a political objective is profoundly immoral. It’s a breach of faith with the hardworking taxpayers whose paychecks are being harnessed to a cause many of them don’t support.”
Sources—kaiser family foundation, heritage, senger, bob laszaewski, peter suderman, forbes.


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