NBC affiliate WTHR Bob Segall tells the story of the nexus of IRS fraud and illegal immigration, where illegals claim huge tax credits for children who don’t even live in America—and the IRS knowingly sends them the money. Scads of it, by the billions in fact. Such as $46 million in refunds being sent to one address in Atlanta.
Everyone who works in the US—legally or illegally is supposed to pay taxes. Since illegal aliens do not have a legitimate social security number, in 1996 the IRS started assigning them a unique nine-digit individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). IG cautioned that issuing taxpayer ID numbers to illegal immigrants seemed counter productive to the immigration d and naturalization service. The IRS continued to issue the ID numbers anyway and in fact became an ITIN mill. Applicants are supposed to send the IRS documents that show proof of identity—notarized copies of birth cert., medical records, and schools records. Many documents are easily forged and carry fake notary stamps, but the IRS has done little to check authenticity. One whistleblower say he got a stack of around 250 taxpayer ID numbers applications a day to be processed, no questions asked. You have to do “X” amount in an hour or you don’t get your pay grade raise. You kick them out as quickly as possible if you want to keep your job. Another whistleblower estimates that 90% of the ITIN applicants he receives are phony. I’ve sent the same birth certificate 12 times now in the past day.
Most ITIN recipients do not work. No, they want the number to cash in on a huge loophole in our tax system that allows illegals to file for the ACTC. That’s a fully refundable tax credit of up to $1000 per child. A refundable credits even a large federal tax refund—can go to people paying little or not taxes. Many illegals are claiming the ACTC for multiple children who reside in Mexico. We’ve seen sometimes 10-12 dependent, most times nieces and nephews on these tax forms. The more you put on there the ore money you get back.
In 2010 according to TIGTA there were 3.02 million income tax forms filed using ITINs. With only 24% of the ITIN paying taxes that year, the total tax collected form these people was just $870.7 million, that’s less than $300 per working illegal, over 2.2 million illegal worker paid no income tax, yet received an ACTC refund averaging over $2000. Total amount of wealth redistributed to tax ID numbers via the Additional Child loophole $4.2 billion.
9/1999, providing illegal aliens with valid ID numbers allows for certain tax advantages and increases the potential for fraud. In 2002 more oversight on potentially fraudulent documents submitted for the taxpayer numbers. 3/31/2009, actions are needed to ensure proper use of ITIN and to verify or limit refundable credit claim. 12/8/2009, TIGTA issued another report on fraudulent documentation. 7/16/2012, TIGTA issued another report pleading that substantial changes are needed to the ITIN program to detect fraudulent applications. But it went to overdrive in 2009 when Prokulus increased ACTC benefits for illegal workers. The Grace commission on government waste said in 2010 only 14% of individual who filed with a social security number claimed the additional child benefits. But full 72% of those with a taxpayer ID number claimed the CTC prize. IRS knowingly enables illegal aliens to defraud honest taxpayers. It has allowed itself to become a political arm of the Obama administration.
It perfectly serves the left’s redistributive agenda. Bob Segal and other IRS examiners were given a “license to steal” by being told to turn a blind eye to the massive obvious fraud. One example, Antelis worked on a stack of taxpayer ID numbers applicants for dozens of children attending the same non-existent school in S.C., just a few days after blowing the whistle to TIGTA, the IRS lowered Antelis’ job performance.
There is a criminal element defrauding the US government by filing mountains and mountains of these fraudulent applications. There is an easily available state-by-state list of legitimate notaries available, but the IRS won’t let us check those registries. Examiners are also not allowed to use Google to check details in submitted documents.
A 2011 TIGTA report, the $46 million in refunds sent to one address in Atlanta wasn’t a one-off. A single address in Oxnard, CA received 2,507 refunds totaling $10,395,874. Another 23,500 tax refunds amounting to almost $16.5 million went to just ten individual bank accounts. In Indianapolis, 8,700 individuals all received ITIN numbers using the same address. One worker allowed his address to be used to file tax returns by four other undocumented workers, who claimed 20 children in total and received tax refunds totaling $29,608. The children lived in Mexico.
According to yet another report in 2012, taxpayers who had been disallowed additional child payments tried again the following years and , voila, hit the pay dirt. IRS could have saved taxpayers more than $108 million by simply reviewing claims made by taxpayers who were previously disallowed the credit. In Michigan the IRS issued 604 taxpayer ID numbers and 640 tax refunds to an address that the IRS itself had previously rejected as fraudulent. But the IIRS sent more than $1.5 million in refunds to that address anyway.
Rep. Sam Johnson (TX) tried to get legislation passed to stop the abuses. His fix was to simply require a social security number and eliminate child tax credit for those with tax ID numbers. Johnson also asked for the resignation of then IRS commissioner Douglas Schulman.
The truth is, the IRS is a rogue organization, run by socialist ideologues who are working against all honest American taxpayers.
Sources—miami herald, nbc affiliate WTHR, bob segall, rush


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