The Obama second term “is in a dead zone”. Most republican and even democratic distrust Obama motives. It’s unclear whether he wants to enact legislation or exploit an issue to blame republicans as obstructionists and improve democratic chances of winning the house in 2014. House approved a student loan bill in May, which was backed by republicans, but his first response was to declare he’d veto it if it reached the White House? No talk of compromise, its aim was the same as that of a bill Obama favored: prevent the interest rate on student loans from doubling to 6.8% from the 3.4%.
Instead of talking about the bill, he left on a trip to Africa.
He doesn’t have a mandate for anything. He’s tuck with leftovers form f=his first term, like immigration and global warming and gun control.
In 2008 he promised to introduce immigration legislation in his first year in office—oops.
Lindsey Graham told Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker. This must be the first time a president has been praised for being nearly invisible.
His speeches today are unpersuasive. Speaking of losses, the president failed to put a lid on greenhouse gas emission when dems had lopsided majorities in both house. Rather that compromising, he’ll try to reduce emission by EPA regulations, an act of desperation, not responsible leadership.
His insistence of further delaying construction of the Keystone pipeline is an act of political fortitude. It’s a favor to a liberal group. He continues to claim it needs further study, which make NO sense. Obama preferred issues for his second tern have one thing in common; they’re not high on the public’s list of priories for Washington to take up.
Iran and their nuclear buildups continue unimpeded. In Syria the president has finally agreed to send arms to rebel forces.

Sources, weekly standard, politico, nyt, new Yorker, fred barnes


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