The gang of 8 bill would be a step backward in the party’s guest for political rehabilitation. Skepticism of the republican party that unites many different types of voters are unhappy with the state of the union, disappointed with Obama’s governance, disapproving of Obamacare and generally inclined to think government should do less, not more. Too many voters still see the GOP as a bunch of rich, aloof plutocratcs. The Republicans need to focus relentlessly on the middle-class squeeze. Incomes have stagnated, cost of energy, health care, education and other essential have only grown.
Wages are lower today than any point since 1998. Unemployment is masked by the official unemployment rate. Just 58.6% of all adults are employed, down form 62.9% before the most recent recession. The gang of 8 bill sends precisely the wrong message. CBO estimates the legislation would have a positive effect on wages and employment but that would come only after a decade of economic displacement. The CSO also reached a similar conclusion regarding employment, which would rise in the short term.
The flaws of the senate immigration bill “pose significant problems for the future success of conservative ideas, republicans renewal and the restoration of American economic growth. The bill would accelerate rather than combat the economic decline of the middle class.
The outrage sparked by the Wall Street bailout, the stimulus and Obamacare helped fuel the Tea Party. The gang of 8 granted the AFL_CIO and the chamber of commerce extraordinary access, allowing them to draft large swaths of the quest worker program. There are special provisions for key senators. The bill would extend the Travel Promotion Act of 2009 to aid the casino industry to the satisfaction of Nevada’s Reid. There is a $1.5 billion jobs program inserted at the urging of socialist senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Alaska received a carve-out for its seafood industry a boon to senators Murkowski and Begich.
All the legislation was largely crafted in secret, rushed through the senate Judiciary Committees and then passed last Thursday after a major rewrite was published for preceding Friday.

Sources—weekly standard, jay cost


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