Middle East expert Dr. Mike Evans says the turmoil will eventually lead to an Egyptian civil war.He also blasted the Obama administration for its handling of Egypt and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and predicted an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear program very soon.Evans is a longtime Middle East scholar and is a decades-long friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He told WND radical Islamic elements will keep fighting for their cause and that almost certainly means much more misery for Egypt.
The fight is really between radical Sunni and Shiite elements, both of whom want to establish a Middle East caliphate. He said the Shiites want to have Iran as the anchor of the caliphate, and Sunnis were hoping to have their base in a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt.Millions of Egyptians took to the streets to demand the removal of Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government in June and early July. The military responded by removing Morsi from power July 3.
Brotherhood is very skilled at molding public opinion.“About one-third of the population is uneducated and another two-thirds are unemployed. About 60 percent of the population are young people. The mullahs and madrassas are emboldening them and dumbing them down. It’s a real problem,” said Evans, who fears greatly for the Christian population in Egypt.
“They’re in the crosshairs,” he said. “It’s the same way in the Palestinian territories. They’re hated, they’re despised, they’re considered aligned with the West. It’s a battle.”Evans is also rolling his eyes over the latest U.S. efforts to foster peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The initial round consists of low-level talks set up by Secretary of State John Kerry.
Kerry on his white horse, trying to save the day by forcing Israel to release terrorists and make peace with the Palestinians, who don’t want peace,” Evans said. “Netanyahu told me personally that there’s things he would not allow: territories, treaties, an army or airspace. “It’s wrong for Kerry to come in there and give them false expectations, because when he does that he gets people killed.
So how would Evans sum up the Obama administration’s performance on Middle East policy?“Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids. Clinton had it right when he said it was a fairy tale. He doesn’t have any comprehension of what he’s trying to sell. He wants Islam to have their equal rights. He doesn’t understand what they will do with those equal rights,” he said Iran is a “screwdriver away from going nuclear.” Israel will be the U.S. proxy. They’re going to have to do the attack. What Israel’s hoping for is the United States will give them backup for retaliatory targets. There are about 1,100 hard targets that have to be taken out,” said Evans, who believes the U.S. will provide that support.



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