2011 saw an increase of $1.3 trillion in discretionary spending. Government spending takes money from private sector, and the pipeline would not expand carbon emissions as Obama claims. Would create around 9000 jobs—65% of the people are for the pipeline. We have a greater than 8% dependence on foreign oil. The economic benefits would $100-600 million a year. President said it would only create 5o jobs???
There have been 167,000 jobs created in the oil industry since 2007.

One in five Americans now in poverty since 1964. Welfare spending up 10,580% and food stamps are up 32,504% since the 1960s. SNAP in 1969 spent $228.8 million and in 2012 $74.6 billion or 47.6 million people.

40% live in a single parent home. 18-31 year olds or 31% are living at home with mom and dad. Obama thinks there is no domestic spying going on—thousands a year was just made public this week but the oversight committee says they are limited on what they can do—YOU ALL BELIEVE THAT ONE DON’T YOU.

Comsumer confidence down due to the payroll tax hike (2%). Many have had no wage increase for years; they have been either downgraded or laid off. The average income in down 10% since the recession started. There are 47 million in poverty. Unions AFL-CIO after republican governors they want more union jobs in their states. Economy is actually improving in those states. White House rushing for higher cell phone taxes and will not need congress approval. The excuse is to help schools and get them high speed Internet.
Reid –OBC far from working—government only insurance aim, the single payers system. Medicare for all. Cost of insurance—they will control all facets of cost, treatment, coverage. Adding 30 million has to increase cost. 71% DO NOT favor of OBC. No mention of all the waivers that have already been issued by HHS. We do sequestration and Obama continues to send money to Egypt, without a clear explanation of there the money is going and for what. Reforms? Who is actually getting the money—military—who? The payments on credit cards are at their lowest since 1994.

Transportation, justice, education and the pentagon are government unions. DOD made cuts without layoffs or sequester. Sequester did not have the effect (bad) that government said it would. Cuts in government spending have helped the economy. Cuts to entitlements, phones, obesity programs and $20 billions to the farm subsidies would also help lower the deficit.

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