The national limit on later-term abortion passed by he house in June is a losing issue for republicans, but there are two compelling reasons conventional wisdom is wrong, Americans support a ban on late-term abortions. 64 to 28% of Americans favor limiting abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Another poll has is 59 to 30% of Americans support banning almost all abortions after the twentieth week of gestation.
The 10 most competitive 2014 senate races are almost all in red states. “Modest legislation shows just how beholden to the abortion industry many in here senate have become”, adds Dannenfelser, whose organization spent $11 million on the 2010-midterm elections. At 20 weeks a baby is physically developed enough to feel pain, and some can survive outside the womb.
Contrary to Landrieu’s assertion, the partial birth abortion ban didn’t actually ban abortions based on the gestational age of the baby, but rather its location. It banned a particular procedure used in some second and third trimester abortions in which the baby is first delivered breech past the navel before the abortionist crushes its skull
Kathleen Parker has argued that there isn’t really a significant difference between killing a 23-week old baby outside the womb, an act that constitutes murder under the laws and killing her inside the womb for any reason, which is perfectly legal in most states..
Pelosi has been unable to explain why the acts committed by Dr. Gosnell constituted murder but killing the same babies moments before birth must remain legal. “This is sacred ground.” Pelosi said, dodging the question a third and final time at a press conference. When asked about he difference between infanticide and late-term abortion, Richards pointed to cases in which the baby is suffering form severe disabilities, effectively making an argument for fetal euthanasia. But when asked about later-term abortions on healthy babies she walked away without even trying to make an argument.
Tow-thirds of them were delayed while they tried to raise money to pay for a termination. 12% were teenagers. Many GOP politicians are still skittish and don’t want to talk abut the issue at all.

Sources—weekly standard, daily beast, Washington post, Bloomberg, nyt, huffington post, national journal, john mccormack.


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