Obamacare going to increase the cost of food due to providing insurance coverage’s. Food is 14% of the family budget. Wages have not gone up this year; they have actually gone down 4.4% since 2009. Obama saying college needs to be more affordable and every American is entitled to a college education.
The Saudi’s are going to increase aid to Egypt, plus a pledge of $12 billion form other Arab states. in 2013 the USA has given them $1.6 billion and since 1948 we have forked over $74.5 billion to them. Re defenses Nagel the Russians will have a naval base in Egypt and the pentagon is moving navy ships closer to Egypt. Housing showing signs of improving but its because of $2.9 trillion in the fed bond buying.

Welfare payments are now topping $38,000.00 in several states. (HI, DC, MA, CT, RI, NY). IN NY you’d need to make $21.00/hour to make $38,0000 self-esteem is gone in the USA. Many companies are cutting health care coverage.—cheaper to pay the fines.

UPS and the U of VA are dropping HC coverage on spouses of their employees. Paying the taxes is cheaper. 40% of Americans plan on changing insurance companies. It is cheaper for them to pay the fines than paying for the insurance. IF OBAMACARE IS SO GREAT WHY ISN’T CONGRESS ON IT??) 2011-2 57% of college kids were getting federal aid ($8,200 A YEAR), 2003- 33.3% were getting aid, and 2007-8 47% are getting aid. 41% are getting Pell grants in 2011-2. Pell grants spending in 2007 was $12.8 billion, to $35.6 billion in 2011. 46% of students with families making more than $100,000 year took out loans. Tuition at a 4-year public college in 2003-4 was $12,243, 2007-8 cost was $13,748, in 2011 it now at $15,605.

The WSJ said NSA admitting that they can watch over 75% of the Internet traffic/e-mails. They are in a $1.5 billion building in Utah for storage of these records, an average of 56,000.
Remember on 8/6 Obama “there is NO spying on Americans”. It is now called the Foreign Surveillance Act—issued by Holder.
41% is now the poverty rate in Detroit, 21% in Oakland, and 27% in St. Louis.

Source—fox news


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