John Kerry on TV decrying the use of chemical weapons in Syria, this man has a short memory as they do not remember the use of chemical weapons used by Saddam in Iraq on his people and the liberal press and Dems said he didn’t have them—WND’s.
If you will recall that Israel said the WND’s were moved to Syria when the war stated. Why the outrage here and not in Iraq?

Did you know that the VA is going to be giving out bonuses to there people if the process a certain amount of paperwork. This is the organization that has over 14000 outstanding applications waiting to be processed for disable vets to get their benefits. Some have been waiting as long as two years. There is no mention on how they qualify for these bonuses. There is still a total of 611,000-application backlog to be approved. The bonuses will amount to $5.5 million. And we did sequester?

IRS is now after the American Legion, they need detailed information on who their members are, records to prove they are vets, and the exact dates of their service. There are 14000 VA post in the USA.

Source—fox news


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