IN 2010 Trumka was praising Obamacare thought it was the greatest thing going. But today’s a different tune. There are too many holes in it, too costly, they lose under it, they need relief, waivers, and all of this even after Obama extends the employer mandate. The CBO is still saying that OBC is going to cost more. US now worried about cyber attacks not nukes. Showed unions protesting all over the place asking for $15.00 mim., Wage. My question is if they should get it, how many would that take off of welfare?

National debt rounding 1$6.9 trillion. Remember sequester and the cuts to our military—now we’ve got 4 ships sitting over there and at a cost of around 1.4 million a tomahawks missiles cost they are considering firing a bunch of them—money must have been found for that. So are we in favor of more windmills or missiles? Dems are unset that Obama is the first President to have make these tough decisions in Syria. Snowden said that since 2008, there has been at least 2000-3000 plus a year of NSA spying on Americans. Now the NSA is using the systems to spy of their love ones or personal interest. We’ve are starting to look like Hitler, little things like these latest scandals is how he started, a little bite at a time. The politicians are admitting that nobody actually knows what the NSA is doing—TRANSPARENCY.

35 states are paying more in welfare that a person could make on mim wage, add the 14 million on disability and somebody is going to have to pay for all of this. AZ has just busted up the biggest food stamp fraud in the nation. There is an estimate of at least 30% increase in fraud over the last few years. Look at the Welfare benefits packages in these states: HI–$49,175.00, DC–$43,099.00, MA–$42,515.00, CT-$38,761.00 and NJ- $38,728.00, RI-$38.632.00, NY-$38,004.00.
Add to this that the government is now selling our personal information to marketing services—now you know where your “junk” mail is coming form.
Food stamps in 2009- 38.4 million people at $50.3 billion, 2010—40.3 million on it, @ $64.7 billion, 2011-44.7 million on it @$71.8 billion, 2012-46.6 million costing $74.6 billion.
The cost of welfare in 1964 was $5 billion today its at $565 billion. One reason that the disability rolls are increasing is people are finding doctors willing to put them on it. $170 million in fraud due to this


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