Bradley Manning gets off easy, could be paroled in 10 years. But whether the way our government current operates or not – and I don’t – the fact of the matter is that they are the people trusted with our security, and when you agree – as Manning did – to keep certain information confidential, it does not make you a hero when you violate that agreement.
Some observers described the sentence as unusually harsh. Other observers agreed the sentence would be a powerful deterrent and in future help to protect national security. Just because Manning had an opinion about what was happening in Iraq did not give him the right to give classified information to Julian Assange.
has the middle class caught on to Obama’s hustle yet?
Someone is pulling a hustle on you when they constantly try to convince you they offer something that is actually illusory. The hustle can become a career for them if you keep buying it, but in order for that to happen the hustler has to very skillfully convince you that your lack of reward is because of some sinister outside force working against the hustler. Obama’s relationship with the American middle class. He talks about them endlessly, and constantly derides his political opponents for supposedly favoring everyone but them. Obama’s actual policies have done nothing but decimate the very middle class they claim to favor. That’s because spreading the wealth, rather than focusing on growth, kills opportunity. Each month the consultants at Sentier Research crunch the numbers from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and estimate the trend in median annual household income adjusted for inflation. In its May 2013 report, Sentier put the figure at $51,500, essentially unchanged from $51,671 a year earlier. And that’s the good news. The bad news is that median real household income is $2,718, or 5%, lower than the $54,218 median in June 2009 when the recession officially ended. But the striking fact of the Obama economy is that median real household income has fallen even during the recovery. Incomes are still far below the previous peak located by Sentier of $56,280 in January 2008. No wonder Mr. Obama is now turning once again to his familiar political narrative assailing inequality and blaming everyone else for it. ObamaCare will soon hook more Americans on government subsidies, but its mandates and taxes have hurt job creation, especially at small businesses. Mr. Obama’s record tax increases have grabbed a bigger chunk of affluent incomes, but they created uncertainty for business throughout 2012 and have dampened growth so far this year. Annualized GDP growth of just 2 percent. Liberals will say there is money sitting around, and rich people and corporations need to start spending it – hiring people, buying goods, contracting out services, etc. This is the Keynesian “demand side” view of economics – that you can’t have demand unless people have money to spend, so the key to growth is to put money in the hands of people who need things, then sit back and watch them spend it.
It just attempts to move existing wealth around. The reason corporations sit on cash reserves is that they’re looking for ways to invest the cash that will help them grow and become more prosperous. They hire people because the investment will bring a return. You don’t increase wages because of what you think people will spend the money on. You increase wages because the value you directly receive back from the worker results in sufficient return on investment. Obama once again, telling the middle class that all they need is more of his “redistributive justice,” At some point, enough of the middle class will catch on to the hustle that it won’t be able to continue, and we will see a shifting of the political grounds.
murder of Australian baseball player is ‘frowned upon’
Jesse has announced that he thinks this sort of thing is “frowned upon.” Gone are his usual adjectives, like “outrage.” No call for a “hundred city rally.” No interest in a “Justice for Christopher” movement. Murderer with a history of posting racist vulgarity, and Jesse Jackson can only bring himself to “frown upon” his alleged crime. Here, we have an alleged trigger-man with a history of racism and Jesse can’t drum up anything more than “frowned.

Sources—herman cain, wsj, dan calabre


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