A longtime constitutional attorney says there is not much to applaud – especially for anyone concerned about preserving freedom and limiting government intrusion in their lives.
What DHS under Napolitano had become was a monstrous surveillance and very intimidation group!
John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney for the past 40 years and author of “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.” “I think originally there were some good intentions. BUT
1.” Whitehead said the Napolitano legacy of reducing freedom is evident across the board, starting in early 2009 when the department issued a report listing returning soldiers as one of the greatest threats to American security.
2. Operation Vigilant Eagle, which is a surveillance system done on all returning veterans from overseas, where they watch Facebook posts, text messages, emails of returning veterans to see if they’re going to be disgruntled,”
3. We just filed a major lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.” “They arrived one day at his door, arrested him and actually put him in a mental institution for his Facebook posts criticizing the government.
4. Another outrage, according to Whitehead, is the harassment of Americans living on or somewhat near our national borders with Mexico and Canada.
5. law-abiding citizens have been forced to hand over their laptops while the government officials download the information.
6. Americans being removed from their cars and searched without probable cause.
7. drone use, They put drones on the border but the drones obviously have not been very effective. In fact, what we found out about those drones now, on the Canadian border, turned the drones in.
8. photographing and watching what American citizens are doing and surveillance on American towns.”
9. “Drones are coming in 2015. They’re going to be awesome. They’ll have scanning devices, rubber bullets, sound cannons. They can look through the walls of your home,” Whitehead said. “They’re just going to bypass the Fourth Amendment, and they already are doing that.”
Source-wnd, john whitehead


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