IT WILL NOT WORK. The conventional wisdom narrative for 18 years: the 1995-96 government shutdowns were Armageddon for Republicans, pointless, reckless, politically suicidal, blah etc.
The federal workforce wouldn’t be able to afford their Thanksgiving turkeys. No welfare checks, no flu shots, no Yellowstone, etc.
The Clinton adm and federal employees unions real close coordination between the unions and Mr Clinton is developing a strategy of confrontation with Republicans over the spending bill needed to keep the gov. open. Furloughed employees. The unions urged Clinton to veto the bills and shut the government down for weeks.
The unions by waging an extensive public relations campaign designed to blame the confrontation and shutdowns entirely on the republicans.

If the 1995 shutdown were the political loser that the wizards say, Clinton cleared the way for a complete lifting of the 22-day partial shutdown Saturday by lowing to a key republican demand; submitting a 7 year balanced budget plan scored by the CBO.
Record breaking federal shutdown ends—CNN 1/6/96
Shifted the political discourse to the right, the budget deal restored many of the republicans proposed cuts in domestic spending land Clinton adopted a more centrist position for the remainder of his Presidency, declared that the era of big government is over.
“1995-96 gov’t shutdown—bancroft library UC Berkeley
First we must balance the budget—I’ve been working with republicans and demos in congress to forge a balanced budget.
Clinton radio address—CNN 1/27/96

Gingrich rallied behind the idea of eliminating the deficit within 7 years. The GOP did it in 4.
CATTO 10/8/98
Harry Reid said to ask newt about the 1995 government shutdown. Here’s what you should know: four balanced budgets, 98.4 million new jobs created, first republican majority reelected since 1928, and welfare reform.
Gingrich on facebook—7/30/13
At the end of the day, because republicans stood strong in 1995 we saw year after year of balanced budgets and some of the most fiscally responsible policies.
Ted Cruz—1/17/13


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