Starbucks does not want customers to bring guns into their stores—guess (my words) they do the holdups.
The youth that voted for Obama are now being called the LOST GENERATION—25 year olds, with fixed student loans, then now they are realizing the cost to them of Obamacare, and that they’ll need to sign up shortly.

Obama opposed raising the debt ceiling while he was in the senate—add Reid and Pelosi names to that list

Spending cut since house taken placed mainly after republicans.
More IRS news orders did come from DC, they were told to look for an anti-obama rhetoric.
J. Boone Pickens windmill investments have hurt his financial wealth, now off of Forbes list. He has lost at least $150 -$230 million. In 2011 the government spent $4b on windmill related projects. Nordic Wind filed for bankruptcy (10m)
Raising the debt ceiling is like increasing your credit card limit—dem’s say it is not raising our debt or spending.
It has been raised around 100 times under obama—so doesn’t that mean spending must be going up.
2008 12.6T 9.6T
2009 12.4T 11.8T
2010 12T 13.5T
2011 11.7T 14.7T
2012 11.4T 16T
2013 11.2T 16.7T

The debt today is 75% of GDP in 25 years it will be 100% of GDP. What has been the bad that came from Sequester???
We have now gone 1009 days with gas prices over $3.00 gallon
We’ve been waiting 5 years on the ok for Keystone pipeline and we still don’t have a national energy plan.

BUFFET now against obamacare.
Cleveland Clinic one of Obama examples to lay off several thousand employees and going to be losing millions due to obamacare. CA is limiting insurance companies to the doctors they can go to.
Home depot to lay off 20,000
There is software problem with the obamacare system on what people are to be charged.
The government will run 36 exchanges. Premium insurance increases and deductibles are all going to be higher.
Sequester caused the navy base shooting, re DC mayor Gray.
Reid blaming climate change on the floods in CO.
Law makers are pushing for a welfare reform bill—requires food stamp people to work at least 20 hours a week. If you don’t have any dependents, states have been allowed to wave this. It is the same ideal Clinton tried to pass and Rudy in NY—-48 million now on Food Stamps

Source—fox news


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