Who are the actual losers under obamacare: doctors, the states, subsides, the cost, jobs!
Who are the winners; unions, congress, government employees—they don’t have to go on it—quoting Pelosi “happiness is doing whatever you want to do?” the national debt now at $16.950 trillion.
Did you know that 75% of the cost of obamacare is going to be paid by the taxpayers for congress and their staffs.
China has bought Smithville foods (bacon)—there are not FDA reg’s in China

In 2013 the SAT scores of college students show that 6 out of 10 not ready for college.
Ted Cruz blasted by both sides over health care because he has spoken out, even though there are many unknowns in the bill.
Detroit—getting a $300 million loan/bailout. Many businesses are putting classes on line to get people to acquire the skills they need to get jobs.

Obamacare did raise taxes on “something things”—what happened to his “promise” that it would pay for itself? Taxes in effect already—on non-profits hospitals for failure to meet certain regulations, tax on indoor tanning, hikes of tax free HAS accounts, medical device tax, high medical bill tax, flexible spending account tax, Medicare payroll tax. 2015 employers mandate tax $2000 for full time workers, individual marriage non-compliance tax, either $325.00 or 2% of wages, in 2016 goes to $695.00 or 205%, 2018 40% excise tax on high cost or Cadillac plans.
The cost all comes down to how many young people they can get to sign up.

Promise me this, promise me that—what is the next promise coming?
Government fines on big banks for giving out loans—caused the crisis by pushing loans on people who couldn’t afford them to meet government quotas—2003 Dodd Franks “NO PROBLEM” same with Freddie and Fannie. 161 firms being charged $2.7 billion, 6 largest banks have piled up $103 billion in legal cost since crisis.

JP Morgan who is not a supporter of Obama fined $11 billion for predatory lending re James Dimos-CEO. This could be a fine 6 times greater than any fine paid by a US bank since 2009.
HUD statement—removed form website in 2007 financing strategies fueled by the creativity and resources of the private and public sector, should address both of these financial barriers to home ownership

New EPA regulations not working to reduce CO emissions, new rules on coal plants will do nothing to fight climate change. Government is destroyiong the coal industries. We have 1400 coal fired units in 600 plants across the USA. 207 are schedule to be retired over the next decade—sine Obama became president 138 have already shut down.
I’ll take a 5th of that—Lerner retired will get between $42-65,000 a year in benefits. She only made $179,700/year, and got $42,000 in bonuses from 2009-2013.
60% of American believe the government has TOO much power, they re involved in everything—entitlements never get cut back.


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