Leadership team preferred an approach to the coming discussions that prioritized reform of existing entitlements. Republicans intend to keep the president troubled health care reforms center stage. GOP leaders are actively considering trying any hike in the debt ceiling to a delay of all of parts of obamacare. Leadership source says, “There is a growing sense that the more effective route would be using the debt limit and sequestration to achieve targeted strikes on the laws such as delay of various components”. Delaying the employer mandate without a similar respite for individuals would be both illogical and unfair. If obama refuses to consider delaying any ore of obamacare at a minimum they will have bought leverage for other parts of the negotiation and provided voters with a clear reminder of who owns the coming chaos. Obamacare has to be part of the budget and debt negotiations this fall.
Source-weekly standard, steve hayes

Pelosi in 2010 said “think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance—what brilliance!
“Creative class” who have access to health insurance programs through numerous professional organizations will lose that coverage. But thanks to the fine print in the PPACA on 1/1/14 many of these plans will fail to pass legal muster. The College Art Assoc. “the New York life ins co recently informed CAA that it would no longer offer catastrophic healthcare coverage previously available to CAA members. It is no longer an option for associations whose member resides in different states to provide such coverage. They will have to seek help from their home states newly formed OBC exchanges. Modern Language Assoc members will suffer a similar fate. Other insurance providers are reporting cancellations. The Entertainment Industry Group Ins Trust “all individuals and or sole proprietor Health ins will terminate 1/1/14. This includes American federation of TV and radio artists, the Dramatist Guild the graphic arts guild, NY women in film and TV and many others.
Freelance artists , designers and musicians forced to enter the state run exchanges are for more likely to see their rtes go up—or to face the individual mandate penalties. This will be especially true for those under 30. MLA the largest professional association of academics with a 2012, membership of 28,653 can withstand losing a few hundred member. And the CAA attracts over 6000 attendees. Future members might think twic about joining. Why should they, when one of the prime benefits of banding together with their peers has been removed? THANKS YOU NANCY
SOURCEE—weekly standard, ben schachter


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