There is no way to top the real thing. From being outmaneuvered by Russia to erasing red lines in Syria and getting snubbed by Iran. He is following his failure to negotiate successfully on the world stage with a refusal to negotiate at all at home. His message to Republicans on both the debt ceiling and ObamaCare is the same: nyet, nyet.
Putin and his evil spawn in Syria and Iran can mess with Obama all day long, but House Speaker John Boehner can’t get the time of day from him. His abdication of global leadership is a direct corollary to his continuing expansion of the domestic state apparatus. No matter the world crisis, it takes a back seat, if it’s even allowed on the bus.
Iran’s mad mullahs must get a hoot out of toying with our president. They kill our soldiers, export terrorism and threaten to nuke Israel, and our response is to grovel for talks. Obama plays the Washington Generals to their Harlem Globetrotters.Back at home, each day brings more debt, more regulations on industry and more crackdowns on American institutions and individuals that buck the administration. Last week alone, coal-fired plants and JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon both learned that Obama is their boss, and don’t forget it.
The ObamaCare mess is especially telling, Obama refuses to consider legislative changes.He pushes executive power beyond the envelope to delay provisions and grant waivers, implementing the law at his leisure. But the bipartisan group of 75 senators who want to eliminate the medical-device tax because it’s a job and innovation killer can’t get a hearing. The “have TelePrompTer, will travel” president hit the road to be with his base — a college crowd. He accused the GOP of trying to “blackmail” him and basked in the students’ adoration.Meanwhile, Russia, Iran and Syria safely plot their next moves against America.
“Tea Party extremists”, “The right-wing extremists have literally sued, The use of liberal buzz words is so promiscuous that they crash into each other — “extremists” (twice), “right-wing” . . . “ultra-conservative billionaires” . . . “the Koch brothers” . . . “progressive”. Like de Blasio, don’t want to talk about the crushing tax burden on New York’s middle class? That you, like de Blasio, are afraid to talk about the disproportionate involvement of nonwhites in violent crime?
As the world’s crankiest billionaire, Mayor Bloomberg threatened to stop having press conferences because he doesn’t like reporters’ questions. He called them irrelevant, illegitimate and dumb. The news that Eliot Spitzer and John Catsimatidis spent $10 million each while losing their party primaries illustrates one of Mother’s warnings: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
In this case, make it two fools. OR SHOULD WE TAXPAYERS BE ADDED TO THE LIST?
Soure—newsamx, Michael goodwin


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