The young under Obamacare could pay up to 260% more in increase for the insurance.
They need at least 4 million to sign up.
$95.00 or 2% (of wages) fine not to sign up.
Small businesses under 50 say they are going to stay under 50 people—no hiring.
Furloughed government workers to get back pay.
Still do not have a budget. A business cannot run without one—maybe that’s a vlue to our problem?
Obama will adjust Obamacare after CR resolutions passed, all about getting back at republicans. Equal treatment for all—subsides. President doesn’t want to have individual CR’s to fund just certain parts of the budget.
Still blaming the tea party for all his problems. Default—not raising debt ceiling does not mean default. There is enough money coming in to pay these. It’s the extra spending where we are in trouble over.
$250 billion a month coming in and the interest on the debt is $30 billion.
President is the one who selects who gets paid. 37% of our debt has occurred under Obama.


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