Not everyone is so appreciative, and especially RINO Republican bosses and their staff who are totally exempt from Obamacare.
They want him punished. He challenged the Establishment’s unbridled greed, gluttony, envy, sloth, anger, pride, and lust for absolute power.
For this offense alone, he must ‘crushed’, so sayeth the political elite.
Unlike Obama and a handful of members of Congress, we don’t abandon our “troops” on the “political battlefield”. TV and radio ad campaign to defeat RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Graham, who supports returning the Muslim Brotherhood back to power in Egypt, Instant Amnesty for illegals, and most recently Obama’s war on Syria, may be the single worst Republican Senator ever elected south of the Mason-Dixon Line. He is Obama’s favorite RINO Republican, and a darling of the liberal media.
Cruz had hoped to defund the White House-backed health care law or shutdown the government trying but knew before he started his marathon speech that he was going to fail. But Burton said, “the politics of standing pat” has mainstream Texas Republicans looking over their shoulders and could make compromise a dirty word in the Legislature.
A Princeton- and Harvard-trained attorney, Cruz also has a fiery stage presence that’s tough to emulate. And his campaign got millions from national conservative organizations such as the Club For Growth and logistical support from FreedomWorks.
Amy Spiess, grassroots coordinator for the Republican Women of Kerr County, west of San Antonio, said what happened in the Senate wasn’t just about Cruz.”Senator Cruz is a patriot for doing what he’s doing,” Spiess said. “More people need to realize they can be a patriot too, all over Texas and everywhere else.”
Reid, D-Nev., told senators he had admiration for Cruz’s tenacity and called the speech “interesting to watch” but also “a big waste of time.”Reid then got heated, claiming “any day that government is hurt is a good day” for the tea party and called it “the new anarchy.” “The American people know that every hour he has spoken or he speaks pushes us closer to a Republican government shutdown,” the Democrat leader suggested, adding, “if anyone has any doubt that there are Republicans rooting for a shutdown, they should just turn on the television.” He wrapped up by asking the Senate not to vote on cloture, a procedure that would likely doom the bill to defund Obamacare. Cruz filled the time in a largely empty chamber by criticizing the law and comparing the fight to the battle against the Nazis. I’m going to venture to say most members of the United States Senate are home in bed, asleep, while America lives the nightmare.”
Paul and Rubio, Cruz yielded to them for questions but did not give up his time controlling the debate.His message was aimed at Republicans as well as Democrats.
“It is my hope, my fervent hope, that the voices of dissension within the Republican conference will stop firing at each other and start firing” at the target of the health-care law, Cruz said, a clear acknowledgment of the opposition he faced. “No more fake fights,” he said. “No more hiding your votes. We need to make D.C. listen.“Washington depends on the American people not paying attention.” Cruz was trying to stop establishment Republicans from pushing a plan that would allow them to make merely a symbolic vote against Obamacare, allowing it to remain funded. To defund Obamacare, are opposed by the leadership of their own party.That includes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who announced Monday he does not support the attempt to defund Obamacare.Cruz took a swipe at GOP leadership during his speech.“This is the first time since I’ve been in the Senate that I’ve seen Senate Republican leadership whipping a vote … so that Harry Reid can turn around … and fund Obamacare and gut the House resolution.”
Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told WND McConnell’s opposition to defunding Obamacare “sounds like leading from behind in the wrong direction.”
Gohmert told WND, “It is an honor to be a part of an effort that does not merely joust at windmills, but focuses the nation’s attention on an absolutely critical issue like the Obamacare train wreck that has already caused massive suffering and stagnation. .”“The fact that the closest friends of this administration and Congress get special privileges and waivers makes the program all the more sinister,” Gohmert continued, adding, “When this administration illegitimately wields the power to choose who must comply with the Obamacare law and who is exempt, it fundamentally means this is un-American since they can help their cronies get preferential treatment when rationing healthcare inevitably occurs. We cannot stop speaking the truth about it until fundamental fairness is achieved.”
Senate conservatives, such as Cruz and Lee, support a bill passed by the House that would fund all of the government functions except Obamacare. The strategy is to make Democrats either give up on funding Obamacare or allow the government to be shut down. “We should not shut down the government,” Cruz said. “We should fund every bit of the government. Every aspect of the government. One hundred percent of the government except for Obamacare.” “I sincerely hope that Sen. Reid and President Obama did not force a government shutdown simply to force Obamacare on the American people. ”McConnell and other establishment Republicans fear they would take the blame for any government shutdown. The GOP is seeking to stop a health-care plan most Americans do not support while keeping the rest of the government funded. First there will be a motion to proceed – a vote on whether to take a vote – which will undoubtedly pass.The next vote, Friday or Saturday, Cruz said, is “the vote that matters.”That’s a vote on cloture, a proposal to cut off debate, and it will determine whether there will be a 50- or a 60-vote threshold for making changes to the bill.
If it passes, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., could easily add language to the bill restoring funding for Obamacare, because he would need only 50 votes. Republicans have only 46 votes in the Senate, Democrats have 52 and there are two independents. Cruz wants to make sure the threshold to change the bill would be 60 votes.Cruz said, if the GOP goes along with Democrats and votes for cloture it will doom the effort to defund Obamacare. Republicans could then vote on a motion to defund Obamacare, but it would be a measure with no chance of passing.Cruz said it would be “like a wrestling match where outcome is pre-determined – it’s a show vote.”
“How is McConnell going to explain that his vote to support cloture on the House bill, which he claims is a vote to support defunding Obamacare, is also going to be backed by all 54 Democrats?” Schumer also support defunding?” the aide asked rhetorically. Cruz said it his job is to fight for the will of his constituents, and they tell him of their frustration because “the men and women in Washington aren’t listening.” “Why don’t they hear what we have to say?” In saying the issues before the Senate were not personal matters but are all about what is best for the American people. “It is my hope, my fervent hope, that the voices of dissension within the Republican caucus will stop firing at each other and start firing at the target,” Cruz implored.
That those supporting defunding went into this venture knowing they did not have the votes, initially, to stop Obamacare.But, the aide noted, it is still early in the game, and the outcome is really all up to the American people. They can stop Obamcare by calling and/or emailing their senators, signing the online petition to defund Obamcare. “We’re hearing that the phone lines on Capitol Hill are jammed and that activists are flooding the voicemail boxes of key senators. Put the fate of the unpopular health-care law in Reid’s hands and force him to make the crucial decision to either go along with the Republican plan to defund Obamacare or take the blame for shutting down the government.“Now the ball is in Reid’s court. He’ll either pass the House bill or threaten shutting down the government,” Lee told WND.
As Lee outlined to WND in July, the idea is to make Reid face a difficult decision.“I think it would be hard for him to explain to the American people why he would be willing to shut down the government simply to defend, doggedly, this very unpopular and unfair law that’s going to make health care more expensive in America.” That may help explain why Reid went ballistic on the tea party on the Senate floor Monday.
As WND reported, Reid began furiously tearing into Republican lawmakers, warning that no defunding of Obamacare will ever happen while Barack Obama is president and he is majority leader. even though polls show most Americans disapprove of Obamacare.The majority leader mocked the plan as outside the mainstream and dividing even Republicans, even though 227 GOP members in the House voted for the bill, with just one voting against it. “We’re not going to bow to tea-party anarchists who deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law. We will not bow to tea-party anarchists who refuse to accept that the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional,” he said. “And we will not bow to tea-party anarchists in the House or in the Senate who ignore the fact that President Obama was overwhelmingly re-elected a few months ago.”
His rhetoric only grew more heated as he went on. “Are Republicans so intent on undermining President Obama and the signature health-care law that they’re willing to inflict severe damage to our economy in the process? If Democrats don’t bow to every demand they have, we’re going to go right over the cliff. Even though Reid and his fellow Democrats insist it is the GOP threatening to shut down the government, Lee told WND that is precisely backward.“The only party that has acted to avoid a government shutdown has been the Republican Party,” he said. “The Senate has done nothing to prevent a last-minute crisis. It is time for Harry Reid and the Senate to act.”Lee also told WND ordinary Americans can play a key role in stopping Obamacare and pointed out how they are the ones who got the bill this far, by pressuring House leaders to bring it to the floor for a vote.“It has been the voices of the American people that pushed the House to do the right thing,” he said. “It will be their voices that force the Senate to act.
McConnell and Cornyn, the GOP leadership are working against the efforts to defund Obamacare and stated: “We need to let them know we will not stand for this anymore. We are tired of them working against us. They were unified and thanked Speaker John Boehner for agreeing to tie the anti-shutdown and anti-Obamacare provisions into one bill. Boehner himself sought to redirect the political fire at Obama, accusing him of being ready to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria but not engage with Republicans on raising the nation’s debt limit, an issue that could lead to national default. “I expect my Senate colleagues to be up for the battle,” he said.The prospect is for a 10-day period of intense uncertainty, with Boehner pledging to avoid a shutdown, yet also hoping to come away with a bite out of the health care law, even if that bite is less than complete defunding.
If the Senate rewrites the House-passed bill to leave the health care law in place, Boehner and the rest of the House leadership could still seek further changes before passing it a second time, Obama would veto any legislation that blocks the health care law from taking full effect. The defunding drive “advances a narrow ideological agenda that threatens our economy and the interests of the middle class” and would deny “millions of hard-working, middle-class families the security of affordable health coverage,” “Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they simply refuse to fund it,” Lee says in one SCF-funded commercial.On the other hand, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has urged Republicans to fund the government and prevent a default, then double back and try and work out changes to the health care law later.
McCain and Cornyn, agreed. “I’m one who doesn’t believe that a shutdown does anything except divert attention from a president and his policies, which are rightfully unpopular, to congressional incompetence,” Reid “likely has the votes” to delete the health care provision. “At that point, House Republicans must stand firm, hold their ground, and continue to listen to the American people,” he said. They lack the votes to stop Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., from moving ahead on the measure, stripping the health care provision and sending the spending bill back to the House. “And invoking cloture on a bill that defunds Obamacare, it doesn’t raise taxes, and respects the Budget Control Act strikes me as a no brainer.”
The Club for Growth and the Madison Project also pressed lawmakers to back Cruz’ effort. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said that as long as Obama has the power to veto legislation, “the fate of that bill is pretty much in his control, and we know what he’s going to do.” “You know what? There’s far more pain in rolling over. … Far more pain in not standing up for principle.” keeping the government operating after Oct. 1 and raising the nation’s borrowing authority. Lew said Oct. 17, leaving the United States with just $30 billion cash on hand to pay its bills. No members of the Senate leadership came to the Texan’s aid. “Senate rules are working against Cruz, who also has angered many GOP colleagues who complain privately that the freshman has set impossible expectations at the expense of other Republicans. Cruz see the measure as an opportunity to use a must-pass measure to try to derail Obama’s signature health care law. Criticizing the law and comparing the fight to the battle against the Nazis. He talked about the Revolutionary War, the Washington ruling class and his Cuban-born father who worked as a cook.
Democratic-led chamber is expected to reject the latest effort from House Republicans to use a normally routine measure to attack President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. Congress was closed for the day on Sunday after a post-midnight vote in the GOP-run House to delay by a year key parts of the new health care law and repeal a tax on medical devices as the price for avoiding a shutdown. Since the last government shutdown 17 years ago, temporary funding bills known as continuing resolutions have been noncontroversial, with neither party willing to chance a shutdown to achieve legislative goals it couldn’t otherwise win. “You’re going to shut down the government if you can’t prevent millions of Americans from getting affordable care,” “The House has twice now voted to keep the government open. And if we have a shutdown, it will only be because when the Senate comes back, Harry Reid says, `I refuse even to talk,'”
The battle started with a House vote to pass the short-term funding bill with a provision that would have eliminated the federal dollars needed to put Obama’s health care overhaul into place. The Senate voted along party lines to strip that out and set the measure back to the House.
The latest House bill, passed early Sunday by a near party-line vote of 231-192, sent back to the Senate two major changes: a one-year delay of key provisions of the health insurance law and repeal of a new tax on medical devices that partially funds it. The steps still go too far for the White House and its Democratic allies. Senate rules often make it difficult to move quickly, but the chamber can act on the House’s latest proposals by simply calling them up and killing them. “The House will get back together in enough time, send another provision not to shut the government down, but to fund it, and it will have a few other options in there for the Senate to look at again,” said McCarthy, the No. 3 House Republican leader.

He suggested that House Republicans would try blocking a mandate that individuals buy health insurance or face a tax penalty, saying there might be some Democratic support in the Senate for that. “I disagree with the strategy of linking Obamacare with the continuing functioning of government – a strategy that cannot possibly work,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.
Republicans argued that they had already made compromises; for instance, their latest measure would leave intact most parts of the health care law that have taken effect, including requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions and to let families’ plans cover children up to age 26. They also would allow insurers to deny contraception coverage based on religious or moral objections.

Tea party lawmakers in the House – egged on by Cruz – forced GOP leaders to abandon an earlier plan to deliver a “clean” stopgap spending bill to the Senate and move the fight to another must-do measure looming in mid-October: a bill to increase the government’s borrowing cap to avert a market-rattling, first-ever default on U.S. obligations.
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