The US now houses some 45,000-wind turbines on nearly 900 wind farms. That’s enough to power about 1.6 million homes. Wind is now the number one source of new power generation in the country; 43% of the generating capacity that came on line last year was from wind. Energy companies benefit from a bevy of federal subsidies and tax credits for investing in wind farm projects.
They’re murder on birds, killing more than a half-million each year in the USA alone. Wind is inherently unreliable as it doesn’t have backup power from other sources—usually fossil fuels—is a must. The power grid cannot live on wind alone. Add snow and ice build up and they make a lot of noise. Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept., the project required clear cutting 134 acres of forest filled with “bear, moose, bobcat and deer”.

A proposal to place wind turbines in Lake Erie has drawn a flurry of local opposition. The Blue Mountain Alliance in Umatilla County, OR., Hyannis Port MA were also opposed. The objections are that not all of the power generated by the turbines stays in the community. It represents a meager 3.5% of US electricity generation. With tens of thousands of turbines already built, that’s a clear sign that wind power is deeply inefficient.
German where every bit of spare land now sports a turbine, wind only supplies about 10% of the country’s power, among the world’s highest rates. The US would have to blanket itself in turbines to make a meaningful difference in its power supply.
Opponents of wind power got some extra ammunition earlier this month when a study form government biologists found that wind turbines has killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles over the past 5 years.

Source—ethan Epstein, weekly standard, Burlington free press,


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