DC—the blaze reports a new electronic traffic sign, costing taxpayers $13,000 reads: “DON’T HIT THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU”. Lt Green of the Arlington VA, police said none of the messages seem to have made an impact to accidents at this location. Did it ever occur to them that drivers might run into each other because they’re reading the signs?
BIN SNOOPING; high tech recycling bins in London according to the UK Times, the London-based marketing group Media Metrica has been capturing the identifier codes of pedestrian phones to help companies predict their ”personal habits”. Four million in one week alone had their data filched.
EYE SPY: the EPA is now using cameras and infrared lights to trace the eye movements of a test group of consumers to determine which label designs provide a stronger nudge. “by plumbing our subconscious,” says Heritage, “the agency expects to discover new ways to regulate labeling that would somehow compel us to abide by governments caloric prescriptions”.
SHOVEL READY: J Edgar Hoover, 16 senators, 68 house members and a couple of VP are among those buried in the 207 year old Congressional Cemetery. In what’s billed as an “innovative green project”, the Association fro the Preservation of the Historic Congressional Cemetery hired a special team to tidy up the gravesites. The Washington Times they turned their noses up at fossil-fueled weed whackers and decided to partner with Maryland-based alternative Eco-Goats. The revolutionary use of eco-goats eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and prevents the invasive and often-foreign species form killing large mature trees in he cemetery’s wooded areas, which can fall onto the grounds as a result and damage invaluable historic headstones.
“All the while fertilizing the ground”
For a generation the environmentalist have claimed that global warming due to fossil fuels is killing the giant redwoods and other old-growth forests. The Sonoma County Press found these researchers discovered the redwoods are actually doing great. In fact the trees are growing faster than at any time in the last century. Emily Burns of Save the Redwoods disagrees, because these trees are pulling incomparable amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, which helps combat global warming”. TRANSLATION: “We said global warming is killing redwoods, but its not, but there’s still global warming, and redwoods are fighting global warming.



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