“He’s handled the Middle East well so far”—JAMES CARVILLE
“ I think what really is freaking people out about Syria is the incompetence of the Bush Administration in Iraq”. JAMES CARVILLE
“Obama is stuck in the world Bush left him”.—BEN SMITH, BUZZ FEED
“We’re now paying for the mistakes of George Bush”. HOWARD DEAN
Pelivis tells House Dems on private call that she supports use of force against Assad in name of national security”. GREG SARGENT ) CHANGING PELOSI TO PELVIS.
“The American people appreciate a commander in chief who doesn’t celebrate decisiveness for the sake of decisiveness”. JAY CARNEY
“We don’t have an urgent deficit crisis. They only crisis we have is one that’s manufactured in Washington, and it’s ideological…cuts in education support, even deeper cuts in basic science and research. That’s like eating your corn seed”.-OBAMA


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