The cost of food stamps has increased 30% this year
While Social Security has gone up 1.3%
In KY there has been 82% of those signing up for OBC going on Medicaid
16 of 19 million insurers will NOT be grandfathered into OBC
16 million people are estimated to lose HC insurance due to OBC—“townhall.com”
Aetna, blue cross re the daily caller and cobs and the Washington post saying the current plans will cease because they cannot meet the OBC regulations.
Most are finding that their premiums are going up along with their deductibles
All plans don’t meet OBC standards are the reason for many of the increases
CBO—16-20 million will lose insurance.
Florida Blue to cancel 80% of their policies because they don’t conform to OBC.
REID—“everybody is willing to pay more taxes” and the republicans are the only ones against it.
There has been no mention of any spending cuts
There are an estimated 22 million young people still living at home and only 10% are paying rent at home.
Obama didn’t know about the Glitches with the System—the smartest President of our history didn’t know of the problem?
He also didn’t know about—fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, AP, verizon and no shovel ready jobs?
The liberals are blaming the economy for the Glitches. Oregon is considering a tax on mileage—1.5 cents a mile—could replace the gas tax in the state???
Walmart building 110 stores in China
37% of Americans don’t expect to be able to retire.
852,000 have stopped looking for jobs
New jobs ’09-558k, 10-565k, 11-543k and 2012-514k
Those still in the work force—09-66%, 10-65%, 11-64%, 12-63%, 2013-63% see any growth there?
Reasons given, higher taxes, more regulations, health care, shortage of lenders
There have been 883,000 part time jobs created since June
Remember Biden promised 250,000 jobs a WEEK!
18-35 year olds now on food stamps—in 2008 was 6.1 million and in 2011 it’s 10.6 million
JFK—“the best welfare program is a JOB”.
Non profit insurance co-op’s are getting a $2.2 billion loan for OBC, 23 are selling insurance on state exchanges—1 already has gone bankrupt, 10 more are close to filing ($1 billion in total loses with this program)
91% default rate—white house of business management said.
We are spending $400,000 for a study of Mexican male Prostitutes
$1 million for disability benefits for imamates
$4.2 billion in tax breaks for illegals immigration
$8 million to redesign the Marine Corps HATS
$138,000 per taxpayer is now what is owed to pay off the national debt.
National endowment for the Humanities awarded grants to study— what is the meaning of life—$25,000, way are we interested in the past—$25,000, what is the good life and how do I like it–$25,000, and why are bad people bad–$23,000.
The cost of frivolous lawsuits in the US is $264.6 billion a year

Source—fox news 10/26/13


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