Did you know Gosnell warned the police not to go into his basement?
The basement was mostly empty, but the flea infestation was so bad the officer’s shoes and pants turned black form the swarm that descended on him. The house was cluttered and full of spoiled food, several expensive appliances, including an autoclave machine.

As one officer “parted the cabinet doors, and saw, arrayed in a series of specimen jars, shapes that looked instantly familiar but were so out of context that he couldn’t immediately process them. Poking out, tiny and perfect, their tips rounded liked pearls, toes, baby feet.
Gosnell insists his conscience is clear, despite having spent his career snipping the spinal cords of babies, some of them already born.
Gosnell says politics were the reason he disregarded the licensing and stalling laws requiring people who administer drugs and assist in surgical procedures to have medical training even after a woman at his clinic died. “If you’re liking for more evidence that Gosnell is a warped monster they have it.
Gosnell was an activist form the early days, performing abortions back before Roe v Wade, when they were clearly illegal. In 1972 he was chosen by abortion pioneer Harvey Karman a hero to pro-choicers to test a new instrument for abortions that involved spring loaded razors. The device maimed nine women.
He gave pain killer prescription to virtually anyone, his clinic has as many as 25 women a night seeking abortions and he acquired a reputation up and down the East coast as being willing to do risky and illegal abortions. Jurors were troubled by a witness for the defense who was unable to explain why Gosnell was criminal for snipping babies spinal cords as opposed to “comfort care”, wrapped in a blanket and left to die”.

Source—weekly standard, steve volks


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