Khatami’s reform movement was destined to be crushed. The force of Iran’s militant faith isn’t an atmospheric thing. Revolutionary Islam isn’t subtle. Rouhani—has a hard time hiding his greatest accomplishments, Islamic republic had blown the Americans out of Beirut in 1983 and that he, not Khomeini, was the driving force behind the fateful decision to keep the war against Saddam going.
He has shown us how upper-class clerics see Jews dominating the USA and the West.
Rouhani, the commissar of Rafsaniani for over 20 years. The ultimate clerical maestro, then he will be able to manipulate the system, especially Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his Revolutionary Guards. Economics trumps the faith at least for the likes of Rouhani and Rafsanjani, he was with Rafsanjani in the Combatant Cleric Association in the mid-1980 when that organization discussed whether Iran should go for nuclear weapon. It was Rafsanjani with Rouhani beside him behind the scenes who drove nuclear research in the 1990’s. Rouhani headed the nuclear negotiations form 2003-2006 at their most challenging time. Rouhani did what he could to keep the nuclear program going without angering the West. Rouhani’s presidential election, it was the triumph of class of revolutionary clerics of good taste and slightly better economics over the hoi polloi who’d rallied to Ahmadinejad.
This meant that the regimes intentions to deploy thousands of centrifuges under the noses of IAEA inspectors. The regime continued to lie about its program, especially about the clandestine weaponization research that we know tool place before 2003.
By mid 2014 the regime will have a one-week “breakout” capacity that is it could take 20% enriched uranium and convert it to bomb-grade in 7 days. Washington and Paris are unprepared to go to war. Instead they will accept limited concession, only delaying the Islamic Republics breakout date in exchange for significant economic relief.
Would Rouhani decide that delaying the breakout due to 2015 or 2016 was worth whatever sanctions relief Tehran could acquire now.

Source—weekly standard, reuel marc gerecht


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